The Youngest Mountaineering Record for Climbing up the Seven Highest Mountains Around the Seven Continents

How young is too young for mountaineering? The mountains have age limitations that forbid kids under a special age to make a descent to it. For example, people under 16 are forbitet their possibility of climbing Mount Everest, or you must be over 10 years in order to climb Kilimanjaro.
But there are people that break these rules sometimes and take their children with them in order to make it as a competition in which their kid might turn out to be famous.

from the blog www.stuckincustoms.comvia flickr by Trey Ratcliff licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Every climber has a wish to conquer all of the seven summits in the world. But the desire of the coaches or the parents, might make this like a competition for their kids. Who would be the youngest to climb a specific mountain, or who would be the youngest, who has climbed all seven highest summits from the seven continents in the Earth? There are children that train even this. The record of the youngest kid that has climbed the highest summits from the seven continents still stands to be the one set 3 years ago by the teenager Jordan Romero. He has finished his ascending journey after getting to the top of Vinson Massif (4892m) in Antartica, the last on his list of seven highest mountains.

He has set out his journey in 2006 accompanied by his father and stepmother that guided him through this journey of conquering summits around the world. His first stop was Kilimanjaro (5892m) in Africa, which he conquered in 2006 at age 9. They continued with their trip in 2007. He managed to climb three summits that year. One in April, Mount Kosciuszko (2228m), in Australia. Another one in July, he conquered the highest peak in Europe, Mount Elbrus (5642m), and then in December he ascended Mount Aconcagua (6962m), the highest in South America.

02-Mount Aspiringvia flickr by Andrea Schaffer licensed CC BY 2.0

The following year he made only one ascent, on Mt Mc Kinley (6194m) in the US, obviously he was preparing for something bigger than this. In September 2009 he climbed Mount Carstenz Pyramid (4884m) in Indonesia, and the next year while he was still 13 years old, he made an attempt to conquer the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest (8848m). His effort was successful, which progressed to him be the youngest one who has ever climbed this summit. His father and stepmother along with several Sherpas were his mates, and led him to the summit. They had to take the Chinese side to make the ascent, which is a more dangerous one, but the Nepalese authorities didn’t allow them to go from their side, because of their age limitation. It’s not allowed for persons under 16 years old to climb the summit. Luckily, the Chinese didn’t have this limitation, or this record wouldn’t have been set in the history of Mount Everest.

His journey was ended with conquering the highest peak in Antartica in 2011, and with that he has become the youngest individual to mount all of the highest summits on all of the continents at age 15.
The former record for this was made in May the same year 2011 but by a London boy, George Atkinson, who was 16 years old. He enjoyed his fame shortly. Because his record was beaten by this Canadian boy, Jordan Romero, who has conquered all of the peaks, till December 2011, at age 15.

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There are no new records of attempts to beat this record so far. Maybe someone is waiting to conquer all of the summits first before getting in public. Simply, what we’re sure of is that the age boundaries are beginning to take down. Since there are many contests like this made all around the Earth, not just for climbing, but other plays as well. What used to be treated as a place where older sportsmen can attend only, has now become something that 12 year old kids attempt. No marvel, if this record gets beaten by a twelve year old boy or a girl. Who knows for sure? Teenagers from all over the globe are setting new adventure records. But the risk and maturity are starting to become the main subjects in many discussions around the worlds as well.