Wettest Place on Earth – Check Out the Astonishing Nature

Wettest Place on Earth

Can you imagine your life in a place where it never stops raining? A place where it rains almost three times more than in the places considered as rainy places (wettest place). You would start wondering is there such place. Well, yes, there is. It is the wettest place on the planet, and it is literally never dry out there.

01- wettest placevia flickr by Pankaj Kaushal licensed CC BY-ND 2.0

Where the Wettest Place is

Can you guess where the wettest place is? It is in India, on a location called Meghalaya. You never supposed that there might a place this wet in India, right. Yeah, well, me either. But the wettest place is actually there. A place where you will get tired of the constant rains, and the fact that the umbrella becomes a part of your everyday life and an item you must carry if you’re planning on going out.

But there are some locals that have made their own invention. One unique umbrella, something that looks like armour and it goes on their backs. So they don’t have to worry if they will forget it somewhere. It is something they carry the whole time. You’ll see it from the pictures what I’m referring to. These are so known as knups, and are traditional Khasi umbrellas. They are made of bamboo and banana leaves.

04- wettest placevia theatlantic

The highest average rainfall on Earth is supposed to be in this very spot and more precisely in the village of Mawsynram. The gustiest rains are felt in June and July. A record amount of rain falls in this period of time, since it’s the time of the monsoons. If we compare it to New York for example, the amount of rainfall is like 5 years of rainfall in New York. Or the rainfall here is 13 times more than in Seattle. And you though Seattle has an unstable weather conditions.

03-wettest placevia flickr by Seema Krishnakumar licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

But, it’s not all bad about the place. This climate and the constant rains, have contributed to this amazing and dense vegetation to grow in this place, and the giant trees are not considered as unusual here. There are amazing trees and bushes all over the place and it seems like you’re simply surrounded by limitless greenery. Undoubtedly, all nature lovers would enjoy it here. But it’s not about visiting the place only for a certain period of time. Try living here and find out if you’ll be capable to live in that place. The residents are the ones that know the best how hard is to live in a place that is constantly muddy and wet.

Astonishing Nature

Though, as it was mentioned above, there is some unique flora developed thanks to the moisture and some interesting animals can be spotted here as well. What is unusual is the fact that the roots of the trees (bamboo and rubber trees, mostly) and plants are so strong and locals knit them to grow in a certain position and build natural bridges.

02- wettest placevia flickr by Neelima v licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Yes, there is one real natural bridge, constructed by the roots of rubber trees, that connects the two mountains between which is a terrifying ravine underneath. Students pass these natural bridges every weekday on their way to the RCLP School in Nongsohphan Village. The residents here and the Khasi people don’t find these “living bridges” as they call it strange at all. On the contrary, they think that they’ve discovered a practical way how to make bridges, since every wooden structure placed there would have rotted in a brief time due to the constant rains.

Enjoy the mind relaxing green nature of India. It is a genuine natural paradise and it deserves one special respect. Even though the rains are inevitable and will follow you everywhere, but in time you get used to this way of life and get to relish the amazing and green realm surrounding you every day. The sight here is simply stunning.