Visiting Venice: When, Why, What?

Canals and gondolas, old monuments, churches and cathedrals, traditional flavors and stories will make you fell in love even more with Venice, the Italian beauty on water rich with history, legacy and culture. Only in this city you have the unique opportunity to feel the Italian magic while sitting in the gondola and floating thru the canals and under the bridges that are connecting the 118 little islands. The ride in gondola is romantic and adventurous in the same time, depending who is sitting next to you.

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Famous Venice

Venice is located in the Venetian Lagoon and the architecture is the same as six centuries ago, and yet is so stunning and amazing, that gives another beautiful touch to this charming city. All the monuments, squares and markets are another reason why you need to add this city in your travels list. Together with the old and long gondolas, the water canals, traditional restaurants with incredible romantic ambiance, Venice has a lot to offer you. Waterfront palazzos, palaces with long history and churches make the trip thru the Grand Canal like cruising through a painting made by a talented painter long time ago.

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Along with all the historical and cultural heritage, Venice is a city with a lot of flavors, traditional with local ingratiates and typical Italian goodies such as fresh pasta, gelato, wine, pastries and pizza.

If you decide to travel to this charming Italian city you won’t regret and it will make memories that you will cherish forever.

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When you arrive in this city the first thing to do is to visit the Piazza San Marco, the heart of Venice.

This square is the center of the social, political and religious life in Venice. On the Piazza San Marco are located all the monuments and main attractions that you need to see and explore. On the square, you can find the Procurator’s residence, the Doge’s Palace, the bell tower and the Sansoviniana Bookshop. And after a long day exploring the Italian history, relax with a cup of the famous and delicious espresso in one of the café or maybe treat yourself with a gourmet meal.

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You already know that Italy is the home of fashion, so it is paradise for all the shopaholics. At Venice, as in the other Italian cities, you can buy unique designers pieces, clothes, shoes and bags.

When in Venice Visit

While you are in Venice you must visit the St Mark’s Basilica. Visiting this old and fascinating Italian basilica you will find yourself traveling in the past. This monumental building is mixture of Venetian, Byzantine and Roman styles and it is legacy from the Byzantium. Also known as Chiesa d’Oro or Church of gold it will amazed you with its gold mosaics and cupolas.

Riding the gondola is the most Venetian experience that you can get in this magical city. Long time ago the iconic gondolas where the only transportation thru the Venice, but know are jut reminder of the past and tourist attraction.
It is said that you can feel one city or country thru its cuisine, and the Italian one is famous for their flavors and mouthwatering meals. From the best pizza and traditional fresh made pasta, the sea food caught in the morning, the sips of strong espresso, the ultimate taste of the gelato, meals with meat and local vegetables and much more. Learn more about the traditional dishes in Venice and try them.

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Another unique experience that you can live in Venice is the Carnevale di Venezia. This is one of the largest masked ball in the world that has its roots in the middle Ages. Get your own elegant, luxurious and traditional mask and join the crowd.

This Italian city is amazing and it is worth visiting, and it is beautiful in every time of the year.