Visiting Istanbul, The Heart Of Turkey

If you want to feel something magical, to see a totally different world than the one you are used to, than treat yourself with an unforgettable trip to the heart of Turkey, Istanbul.

This is the biggest Turkish city and it is home of 10 million citizens.

For many Istanbul is the most beautiful city in the world, a place where cultures of east and west blends together, a metropolis that has something to offer to all its visitors, from pure hedonism, to local delicacies and exiting adventures in the city and its surrounding.

And every summer Istanbul is even more magical…The scenery is refreshed with many vivid colors and you will just love to walk around thru the old street and park until sunset. To take cruise down the Bosporus, visit some of the beaches or admire the old buildings like witnesses of the past.

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If you want to feel the magic of the city that is a bridge between Asia and Europe visit it as soon as you can and you will have a memories that you will cherish forever.

Open bazars, old and charming restaurants serving traditional meals and fresh fish, monuments, museums, churches and mosques, rich night life and so much more…Istanbul has something for everyone.

Visiting Istanbul is awesome adventure, because this city is so live and busy, mix of old and new, traditional and modern, macho and seductive, stunning and verbose.

The first thing you need to visit on your trip to Istanbul is Hagia Sophia, the masterpiece of the Byzantine art. At first, this place was used as a church and as from the date when it was built, until the day when Constantinople was conquered. Since then until today, Muslims, use it as a mosque. After the great restoration ordered by Kemal Ataturk in 1935, this facility is open to tourist visits. Today, this magificinet museum is known as “Holy Wisdom”.

Then continue your exploring to the Süleymaniye Mosque. This is the greatest works of imperial architecture in Istanbul. You will be amazed by the structure, but when you enter, you we will feel like in another world.

Cursing on the Bosporus, the connection between Europe and Asia is one of the most amazing experiences that you can have in the heart of Turkey. On each side of the two costs you can see the beauty of Istanbul. You will also see the Armaggan Bosporus, known as the water palace, one of the most amazing residence in the city.

After admiring the old town near the Gezi Square and long walk and sightseeing, ask where you can find a Hamam and relax like in old times, the traditional Turkish baths, known as Hamam. They are traditional baths, where the women or man, will soap and scrub you, and you will get a relaxing oil massage. Back in the days, the Hamams were a pleasure only for the rich people.

If you want to feel the city in it full magic, just like the locals do, than you must visit the colorful, loud and chaotic bazaar district. Street vendor, little shops, stalls and labyrinthine shopping streets are offering array of products, items, souvenirs and clothes. You can smell the cinnamon, bargain for cheaper price, try local delicacies and drink the famous Turkish tea sitting on pillow.

At the evening, take walk to the shore at Eminönü, get a sandwich with fresh fish or local pastry known as simit and just enjoy in the view of the ferries and the water.

These just few of the experiences that you can see, do, feel and taste in the biggest and prettiest Turkish city. If you decide to visit it, don’t be afraid to explore and to try local food, everything is so amazing.