VIDEO: He filmed The Heaven on Earth

Caught in a busy life, always rushing somewhere, long hours working or studying, in a race with the modern technologies, we forget in what a wonderful world we live in. Stuck at work, in the office, working on the computers, in the libraries, in the factories and much more, we forget how beautiful the sky can be, with all his colors, shapes and clouds. When was the last time when you just sit outside and just stare in the stars, or wake early in the morning so you can see the rise of the sun?

This video will remind you that you live in an amazing place, called the Earth and it is so magnificent that will leave you breathless.

The video was recorded at El Teide, the highest mountain in Spain for around seven days. This mountain is also known as the place from it is perfect to shot the stars.Have time to watch this incredible work of art where the one protagonist is the sky!