VIDEO: Crazy or Brave?

The line between the crazy and brave is so thin, and sometimes even the life is serious danger. But, for some people, adrenaline addicts, so brave and so adventurous, only the sky is the limit.
One of those is Alex Honnold who risk his own life so he can make history. This brave men climb the El Sendero Luminoso or The Shining Path located in El Portrero Chico in the amazing Mexico for around three hours. But, he climb the rock high 2,500 feet to the summit of El Toro without any kind of protection. Alex climbed the rock free-solo style, which means without ropes, just with his own bear arms and legs, and his strong will and stamina.

For some people and experienced climbers, Alex’s achievement is one of the hardest free solo climbs ever. But, he says that for him it was a big challenge, but not the hardest yet. He have explained that with hard training he have transformed the scary to awesome.

Have you ever thought of experiencing something like this, so dangerous, but so awesome, where you risk your life and only thing you have to survive are your arms and stamina?