The Ultimate Guide for Buying Authentic Souvenirs

If you are looking for an authentic souvenirs to take home from your vacation, you should think about all the things your travel destination is famous for.

European Countries Authentic Souvenirs

If you are travelling to Belgium, the best thing to buy is lace. Belgian lace is excellent quality, and you probably won’t find anything similar anywhere else. Even more, Belgian lace is famous around the world for never transforming into an industrial product. You can buy a pillow case or a tablecloth to remind you of your vacation.

If you are travelling to Italy, you should definitely bring home with you a bottle of balsamic vinegar. Italian aristocrats have used it as a wonder drink with plenty of medical properties. You should look for a bottle marked with DOC certificate, which is a guarantee for the adequate methods of preparing and the quality of the product.

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If you are going to England be sure to find some Cadbury chocolate, or some dark Bourville chocolate bars. You will be amazed by the taste.

The travellers going to Ireland should get a linen shirt. Irish linen is famous for its quality, and it was even praised by the legendary Henry VIII in the 16th century. In many stores you can find casual retro linen shirts that make excellent sleepwear.

For travellers to Spain, wine makes excellent Spanish souvenir. This country is famous for its vineyards and exquisite wines.

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If you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic around Christmas, you can get the most delicate Christmas ornaments. The Bohemia glasshouse was founded centuries ago, and since then it has been producing glass products. You can find beautiful glass Christmas ornaments of excellent quality.

Travelling to cold Sweden? Buy candles, Swedes love them, and they play an important part in celebrating the Day of St. Lucia.

If you are travelling to the Netherlands, get porcelain from Delft. It is similar to the Ming Chinese porcelain, apart from the decoration motifs. This type of porcelain originates from the city of Delft in South Holland, but you can find it almost anywhere around the country.

Americas Authentic Souvenirs

If Argentina is your vacation destination, look for leather jackets, belts or bags. This country has a long tradition in this business, and currently is the largest exporter of leather around the world. Murillo St. in Buenos Aires is a true Mecca for leather lovers. You can buy a custom made jacket, unique wallets and bags and plenty more.

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Going to Mexico? Buy tequila! Although it may sound like a cliché, like champagne, the best tequila comes from one place near the Tequila volcano in Mexico. The best tequila has to contain 51% sugar, which derives from the blue agave. You can even buy straight from the producers.