A Trip to Romantic and Melancholic Bruges

Bruges is a city full of history, beautiful canals and beer. The authentic medieval architecture, the narrow cobblestone streets, the tranquility disturbed only by the sound of horses clatter. For the uninformed, there is a time-travel machine, and it is called Bruges.

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Bruges is situated in the North-Western part of Belgium, and it bears the famous title – ‘Venice on the North’, because of the magical canals. To visitors the city seems like a museum on the open. Just follow the hordes of tourists that will lead you through the city gates – the same ones that Napoleon and many other conquerors passed through.

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Once center of commerce, the city of Bruges will charm you with its beautiful architecture – it is a true representative of medieval architecture. The best way to see the city is by boat, a tour of the romantic canals, reveals the city in all of its beauty. You must try the delicious pralines, and the Chocolate Museum is a must-see. If you decide to visit one of Europe’s most charming cities, you will definitely plan a trip back.

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