Travels Tips: The Keys to Proper Packing

When you are planning a trip a good packing strategy is essential. Otherwise you’ll face a situation when something just can’t fit in your suitcase, and you have to pack an extra bag. To avoid the hassle of packing, it is important to remember these six basic packing strategies that every traveler should be aware of:

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1. Roll – do not fold

Many travel experts claim that every piece of clothing should be packed rolled up, not folded, because that way your suitcase can fit more stuff. When you roll-up, for example, a sweater, it should be rolled in the shape of a wine bottle. This packing strategy can save you space and prevents the wrinkling of your clothes.

2. Make a packing list
Postponing the packing will only bring a lot of anxiety later. It is better to deal with it a few days or even weeks before departure. As soon as you remember something that you might need on your trip, add it to your packing list immediately, so that later on you won’t be overwhelmed by all the things you have to bring with you, or regret for forgetting something.

3. Familiarize yourself with your airline luggage policies
If you exceed the allowed weight of luggage, sometimes you might be faced with paying expensive fees. Therefore it is better to get all the necessary information prior to your departure.

4. Wisely plan and prepare your cabin luggage
It is common for companies to allow you to take one small suitcase and a bag of personal items with you in the cabin. This is why it is best to pack your cabin luggage wisely, since it would be a shame to take only a small bag with you. The optimal choice is a backpack which could save a lot of space.

5. Pack in layers
In addition to planning layered clothing, so that you won’t get surprised by the weather conditions, your suitcase needs to be in layers as well. So, designate a layer for shoes, another for your outfits, one more for electronics and so on. In this way the security guards find it easier to see what you have in your suitcase and make the luggage control easier and faster.

6. Never pack your valuable items in your suitcase
Passport, money, credit cards, keys, jewelry, any documents should never be packed in your suitcase. If the airline loses your luggage you will be sorry you had put anything of value in it.