Traveling With Kids: Places to See and Things to Do!

It summer, the season we have been waiting for the whole year. Nice weather, hot sun, warm sea, long days at the beach, walks in the hills or mountains and the waited holiday. And for the kids, the summer is the best, because no more school, homework or studying. When it comes to summer we all want to go on holiday, and the preparations start few months ago. But, if you still haven’t plan your summer gateway here the places and things you should do with your kids before they grow up. Traveling with kids can be quit challenging, but still is a true blast. You need to have a lot of energy and to plan their time, so they are busy and won’t get in to troubles.


The first thing about planning your family vacation with the kids is to choose a family friendly resort or destination. A place that is safe, peaceful, have lots of playgrounds and fun activities for you and your kids.

When your kids are still young we warmly recommend you to rent an RV and have a fun on the road. In the RV you will the comfort as your home, more or less, you can move where you want and when you want. Plan a fun route and stop at many places, cities, resorts, camping side, water parks and museums. Traveling with RV you are your own tourist guide and you plan the whole vacation.

05 - Grand Canyonvia

Visiting the Disney World is every kid’s dreams. So magical, so colorful, fun and amusing, like a paradise just for kids. But, to be honest, adults love it too. Every kids want to meet their hero form the cartoons and fairy tales, so give your little ones that pleasure and joy. But, visiting this world of fairytales is a big challenge, especially when you travel with the kids. You need to be very well prepared, to have a schedule, to know all the rides and to see all the shows.

The Grand Canyon is an experience that both, you and your kids should have together. This American beauty and pride is place where you will like you are on the top of the world. Along with the view that will take your breath away, at night you can sit by the fire pit and roast marshmallows with the kids. It is a trip that they will never forget.

If you love to spend the days just being lazy and relaxing on the long and sandy beach than Cape Cod is the place to be. It is a place where the summer adventure is guaranteed. Along with swimming in the sea, you can teach your kids to fish and also you can see the whales and all other sea animals.

Katie Holmes takes Suri Cruise to the Bronx Zoo to feed leaves to the giraffes instead of going to LA to meet her obligations for the Dizzy Feet Foundationvia

The Bronx Zoo is a place you need to visit when you have kids. In this legendary zoo your kids can spent the whole day petting and feeding the animals, learning more about them and just having fun. If you leave near New York, the Bronx Zoo is a must visit for a whole summer day with lots of fun.

Don’t forget the water parks, you can find them very easy and kids love them. If you can go on a holiday them make sure you take your kids often to the water and amusement parks.