Travel in China: How About Some bee cakes?

There is some really bizarre food all over the globe. But, neither have I experienced nor seen anything like this so far. There is a street food that is actually cooked out there (like fried or roasted), or if prepared raw then it’s still served well on neat plates and so. The strange thing about this is that it’s an ordinary sweet cake, made on the street, but apparently the only ones that are feasting from it are the bees.


The fact that there are so many bees in China is surprising, but yes, you will see it yourselves.

Check out the picture and witness how the street cakes became food for the bees.

Maybe it’s a Specialty with bees who knows, but there is no way to take a bite without getting a stab from the bees. But I actually don’t believe that there would be a such strange Specialty. Or this wasn’t supposed to be sold at all. Perhaps it was meant to serve as a bee food only.

And see how the woman that is preparing this doesn’t even mind the fact that there are bees around. She is preparing her sweet cakes without even noticing them. The fact that she’s wearing gloves tells us that she actually was organized for the bee swarm and she’s protected herself of a sudden thrust.

Are these common guests in those areas, that makes the people always be prepared for them, or this is some type of a tradition we can’t tell for sure. But I really don’t think there are some that will give it a taste of these cakes.