Top Five Craziest Locations for Adrenaline Addicts

1| The Most Respected and Craziest Locations Every Adrenaline Addict Dreams of

The places we’ll mention today are not as dangerous as the adrenaline lover’s thirst for adrenaline is but they can anyway be called as the craziest locations. And what is supposed to be a place for an adrenaline hike only can surpass the limits in every manner. But, when you’re 20, nothing seems scary for you and you want to experience the world the way you think it should be and try on some unbelievable attempts only to satisfy the adrenaline rush.

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There are many though that has become addicted to the adrenaline and even in their later years continue with these attempts that many might consider as death encounters.

2 |Hua Shan Shaanxi in China

This is a world known mountain in China that rises 2100 metres above ground and this is one of the craziest locations in the world, and I would say even the craziest, just don’t look down. What is interesting here is that the locals have built several crossings around the mountain by wooden planks only, and how they achieved this, well God knows only. The view from these crossings is incredible, and many travellers try to beat their fear of height and attempt a hike there only to experience these heavenly landscapes.

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You don’t have to be a professional climber to get to the top of the mountain and experience a view on the surrounding nature now, but take a hike around the mountain on this narrow crossing. But if you think this is crazy, then imagine a bike ride on these paths. Yes, this is practised here as well. Don’t try to attempt a thing like this. Even I think it’s crazy. It’s even hard to control your own body, and imagine controlling a bike. You can easily lose control there.

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