Tips on How to Survive Your First Holiday as a Couple

Your first vacation as a couple can be a beginning of the end for your relationship. It is one thing to see each other once every few days, but for a number of new relationships the first holiday together will be their last. Take a look at these tips that could help you make those days more enjoyable:

Picking a destination – Above all, it is important to make compromises. If one partner is dissatisfied, the vacation is doomed. Try to find a location suitable for both of you.

Settle on a concept – If you are expecting a romantic getaway, and it turns out that you share a tent with 5 of his buddies, it is a far cry from a pleasurable vacation. Be precise on what you want from your vacation.

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Schedule – Make a plan for different activities, since this part of the vacation is an frequent cause of fighting. Make sure you make a schedule, which will suite the wishes and compromises of both of you.

Habits – If you leave the toilet seat lifted, take long showers or enjoy spending hours upon hours by yourself, make your partner aware of that or make an effort to change yourself. Minimize all the quirks that could annoy or offend your partner.

Time alone – Being together 24/7 may not be the best idea if this is your first holiday together. It is perfectly all right to have some time alone.

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