The Most Beautiful Underground Attractions Around the World

We had an article about an underground city in Australia and if you found that odd, that what would you think about these exceptional creations of Mother Nature. Now we come in another dimension, with even more amazing things, some of the best attractions in the world that are actually below the surface of the Earth. Take a closer look; they will enchant you with the awesomeness and magnificence.

Our globe is replete with many great natural wonders. It’s only our call to discover them. Some are placed right before our eyes, but what we need to do is dig deep under the ground if we want to discover something. Take a look at our list and spot some underground, hidden gems, places that can really offer you one unforgettable experience and one of a kind adventure.

Salt Mine In Wieliczka, Poland

This mine dates back from the 13th century and nowadays it represents a museum with over 1.2 million tourists visiting it annually. The underground attractions that Mother Nature has contributed along with the witty eye and man craft have made it so popular and with a look so appealing. The whole museum includes an underwater lake, a lot of salt structures, a wellness resort and even a lapidary cathedral. Everything that is posed here is made of the mineral that was formerly pulled from this mine – salt.

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Salt Mines In Yekaterinburg, Russia

These psychedelic walls of layers of Carnallite, are located under this industrial city. The vivid spectre of coloured minerals is only 200 metres under the surface. It is amazing how Mother Nature painted these walls using her minerals only. Even though it has a captivating look, it is still not allowed to visit it without the authorisation from the government (that is mainly given to the explorers).

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Bounce Bellow In Wales, Great Britain

This amazing attraction is found in the Llechwedd Slate Mines, and here you will experience the most exciting thing, web swaying. There are three gigantic trampolines in the 176 years abandoned mine cave. This first and one of a kind playground is lightened with some coloured lights, which makes the place even more appealing.

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Derinkuyu, Cappadocia, Turkey

Derinkuyu is another underground town, in Cappadocia, Turkey. It is sculpted into a soft volcanic rock that drags roots from the 8-7 century BC. This city once served as a refugee centre. It is 60 metres deep and there are many canals that connect the many underground rooms. More than 20.000 people can be settled here and most of the part is opened for the tourists nowadays.

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Cenote In Mexico

Actually Mexico is known for the natural holes that can be spotted on its location really often. The sacred Cenote was formerly visited by the believers that sacrificed items, and every once in a while people were immolated too.

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Booming Ice Chasm, The Canadian Rocky Mountains

The dangerous cave is imprisoning the cold air flowing in, but it never comes out resulting with some several metres thick ice on the inside of the cave. Also, the acoustic here is incredible. These mountains are really dangerous and in order to climb these inner icy caves, you need to be a professional climber, because a slightest mistake can result in sliding down.

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Carsbad Cave In New Mexico, USA

This cave is located along the Guadalupe Mountain, and can brag with the vast quantities of limestone chambers. Limestone and stalactites can be found all over the place. Their reflection making diversities of yellowish and green colours mixing in the centre of the spot are gorgeous and takes the visitors in a different and magical journey.

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Stockholm Metro Station In Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Metro Station is probably the best art gallery in the world. It is one open gallery, where many visitors pass every day. Some thrilling pictures can be set at this place, and the uneven surface contributes about the surreal illusions painted there. From rainbows, red flames or green fields, you can spot many masterpieces here. The whole idea of bringing the art in public with a great usage of the public space turned out really well and accepted by the mass public too. The tourists are thrilled with this whole concept and how all looks like.

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Batu Caves In Gombak, Malaysia

The popular limestone hill is full with caves and serves as a sacred place that is visited by the locals and many tourists too. The temple complex is constantly spreading all over the hill and some amazing natural formations from the limestone and some rare animal species can be set.

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Waitomo Caves, King Country, New Zealand

This system of caves is over 2 million years old. There are some scenic limestone caves, but the most beautiful in every way are definitely the Glowworm caves. What makes it so special is its resident – Aracnocampa Luminosa – the mosquito that glows in the dark and contributes the amazing and unique sight set here.


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As strange as it may sound, but these places are really unique one and their popularity already started growing and will increase even more. The local authorities are really putting effort in making them great tourist attractions. And I really think that this is already working out, because most explorers and travellers are actually more excited and find the strange and still unknown places for many, the ones that are yet to be discovered, even more appealing, than the commercialised ones.