The Ultimate Trip: The Himalayas

The Himalayas Mountain Range

The most famous mountain range, the Himalayas is the home to the highest peak in the world – Mount Everest. Nepal is the country most closely identified with this mountain range, and since the first successful ascent, some 60 years ago, there has been a growing interest about conquering the world’s highest point. When it comes to the price for such an amazing experience, Nepal can be put in the ‘budget friendly’ category.

Himalayan-peak -- 05via geolt62

Amazing Scenery and Landscapes

If you are not the sporty type, you can visit and simply enjoy the majestic landscape of mountains, which will truly leave you breathless. For the ones with the eyes on the prize, special equipment is a must. Trekking is, of course, the most popular activity, with a large variety of opportunities.

Using a tour operator to organize the trek on the Himalayas is a wise decision, since an experienced guide is essential for your safe and enjoyable trek. Despite the common climbing risks, altitude sickness is a worry, since it is very unpredictable and can strike even experienced climbers. With a careful planning you can enjoy the magnificent heights, and create memories for a lifetime.