Swarovski Is Constructing A New Building Panel Covered With Crystals

Luxury has no Limits

The famous Austrian manufacturer of luxurious crystals “Swarovski” is working on a special project at the moment, trying to design the greatest panel covered with crystals that will also serve as a façade of the Hyatt Regency hotel in Dubai.

One of the sides of this hotel will be glass panels all covered with luxurious Swarovski crystals. This grand project is expected to be completed until the end of this year.

Hyatt_Regency_Dubai_-_Exterior image source via Wikimedia Commons, By Hyatt Regency Dubai

This company is already familiar with the whole idea of this project, since it has already worked on designing crystal panels for the hotel Burj Al Arab and for the mosques in Abu Dhabi and in Muscat.

Swarovski Building Panel Covered With Crystals

The United Arab Emirates don’t save on their constructions. Everything architectural building there is luxurious and outstanding.

The Swarovski team that is working on products like these inform that the demand for them is on a rising scale and that they take great care of the quality of the product, making it pretty tenable and resistant to high and low temperatures as well. Also, this panel covered with crystals are easy to clean, which is very important in order to preserve their shine that makes the whole building look so lavish and appealing.

New_Building_Panel_Covered_With_Crystals-2 image source via sherwoodsproperty

This newest project includes two buildings connected to a platform. One of them is 29 floors and the other one is a 14 floor building.

The Building Will be One of a Kind

I’m impatient to see how this all will look like. Assuredly it will be great and catch the eye of many tourists and travellers with a deep pocket that will want to spend a night over there. I mean, that’s the main thing, why they are making it with Swarovski. To appeal more guests who want to dive in luxury. This will serve as a symbol of luxury, and everyone will be able guess that behind the walls of the hotel extravagance is waiting.

New_Building_Panel_Covered_With_Crystals-1  image source via sherwoodsproperty

New Building Panel Covered With Crystals image source via emirates247