Six Minute Journey Throughout Amazing Norway

Amazing Norway With Amazing Landscapes and Nature

Norway is known as a country that abounds with an outstanding nature, a great hospitality rate and people there can brag with a real cosy life, even though the weather conditions are not that bright, but very harsh on the residents and they experience some real  cold and rough times of the year.

Amazing Norway image source via newschimp

Located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, it is a part of one of the most Northern countries in the world which are actually inhabited. No wonder it’s so cold there.

Despite the weather, Norway is a real great country. Painted in green, it offers some great species of flora and fauna. The most appealing thing and the best landmark are the fjords that can be found all over the continent.
The amazing landscapes that can be spotted from every place in Norway are simply indescribable. That’s why we won’t discover you more but offer you an insight of some amazing natural wonders and panoramic views from the Amazing Norway showed in a six minute video. This time lapse adventure will take you on a 16,000 km long journey across Norway offering the best of it. How the weather changes act upon these places and contribute about these marvellous locations to look even greater is magnificent.

Check the video and enjoy in this six minute travel across the great land of Norway.