The Seven World Wonders of the Modern Age (Part 2)

Greatest World Wonders of the Modern Age

Eurotunnel (France/Great Britain) – The tunnel passes under the English Channel and connects France and Great Britain. It consists of three tunnels 50 km long, and 24 km of them are underwater. A train needs exactly 35 minutes to get from one side to the other. The construction was started in 1973, and it was finished 11 years later, in 1984.

Eurotunnel France Great Britain-01via wikimedia by Fraselpantz, license: CC0 1.0

Empire State Building (USA) – When the building was opened in 1931, it was the tallest man made construction in the world. Soon enough in became a landmark of New York, but also a symbol for humanity’s endurance in accomplishing the impossible. It has 102 floors and a height of 448 meters. He held the highest building title up until 1972.

Empire State Building (USA)-02 World_Wonders_of_Modern_Timesvia bestourism

Golden Gate Bridge (USA) – The Bridge connecting San Francisco with the northern counties was opened in 1937, being at the time the longest suspension bridge in the world, a title he held up until 1964. The bridge is 2.7 km long, standing 67 meters above the water. Over 41 million vehicles cross over it annually.

Golden Gate-San Fanciscovia flickr by Alex Green licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

CN Tower, Canada – The tower is situated in Toronto and it was built for the purpose of broadcasting TV and radio signals to cover the whole region. It is 553.3 m tall and currently the third tallest tower in the world. The construction began in 1973, and the tower was officially opened in 1976.

CN Tower, Canada-01via travelsurround

Itaipu Dam and power plant, South AmericaSituated at the border between Brazil and Paraguay, Itaipu Dam is the largest operating power plant in the world. The construction was finished in 1984, and since then it annually produces 94.7 TW h of electricity. The dam itself is built at the Guaira Falls, which up to the construction were the largest waterfalls in the world and is one of the world wonders of the modern age.

Itaipu Dam and power plant, South America-02via prezi

The Dutch drainage system, The NetherlandsUp to a third of the Netherlands territory is below the sea level. The Dutch created new territories with the help of system of drainage and dams.

The Dutch drainage system, The Netherlands-03via pcbderegenboog

The Panama Canal, PanamaThe 77km long canal shortens the trip for many ships and connects the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.

The Panama Canal, Panama-04via spirittourism