Serbia – Balkan Country on the List of Top Ten Tourist Destinations for 2015

Serbia, The Pearl of the Balkans

This Balkan pearl is known thanks to the great names that came from there, like Novak Djokovic, or even Nikola Tesla whose antecedents were all Serbian. Many others can be numbered here, but that’s not our subject this time.

This is a small and amazingly cheap country that presents one of Europe’s best preserved countries, as many travel sites describe it.

It recently got on the list of the top ten tourist destinations and most attractive destinations to visit for 2015 not only in Europe, though, but in the world.

Tara_Serbia image source via djordjenikolic

Some of the reasons that make Serbia so appealing to tourists and is worth visiting are the Exit festival, which is on the list of the greatest festivals in the world, that takes place in Novi Sad on the Petrovardarinska Fortress  in July. Only it is not the festival only, but the many other hedonistic clubs that are found on Belgrade’s rafts and are awesome for the party lovers. Many visitors actually compare these clubs with the ones that can be found in Berlin and Ibiza. Yes, people in Serbia, and the whole Balkan know how to party.

What To Visit in Serbia one of the Top Ten Tourist Destinations for 2015

For the adventure lovers, there is a different experience offered on the world famous ski resort of Kopaonik or try rafting on the Drina. But if you want to spend a relaxing day, then don’t miss the chance to visit the spa centres in the Vrnjacka Banja.

There are many cities that replenish with their beauty and unique scent, like Drvengrad, the movie town constructed by the famous Serbian movie director Emir Kosturica for one of his movies.

Belgrade on the other hand cannot compare with any of the cities, and is the most visited one is Serbia. Skadarlija is even compared with the Montmartre in Paris. The vast number of bars, taverns, galleries and street performers mark this part of the city and bring about the popularity and the common visits.

The Food and the people in Serbia

The food here is also something that will leave you a positive mark. The grill is something you must taste, but there are likewise many other traditional meals whose taste will really surprise you in a positive way.

Belgrade - top ten tourist destinations image source via traveling-earth

The people are also really friendly and will help you and some even guide you through the town giving you information about the outstanding cultural and historic meaning of this country.

Visit this place and enjoy the amazing sights and the hospitality there too. You will definitely make your travel diary richer, and stay surprised by the greatness found in this small but full with secrets country. Secrets that are waiting for you to discover them and share with the world, something which will bring about the popularity of this country to grow even bigger.

The other countries that got on the top ten tourist destinations list of the most attractive countries that should be visited in 2015 are: Singapore, Lithuania, Namibia, St. Lucia, the Republic of Congo, Nicaragua, Morocco, the Philippines, and Ireland.

Serbia is taking the seventh place on the list, but I really believe that it deserves a better rank, considering the beauties it has compared to these other places.