Searching for the Right Souvenir During your Travel, Simple Get your Tattoo.

Are you a tattoo lover, and enjoy to paint your body with some worthy and memorable things or even just for fun?
Well, then here is an idea for you while travelling. You don’t need to search and spend tons of money for the right souvenir that will make you remember the trip, but simply get a tattoo. This way you’ll neither worry if there will be enough space in your bag, nor think about what to buy.

Tattoo as Souvenir

When searching for the right souvenir that will fit in your bag and at the same time be worthy and stay there for a long time, you might lose a lot of time and not be able to spot the sights that are surrounding you but be focused on the souvenir.

01-tattoovia tattooideas4u

A tattoo is something that stays forever. It will never wear out and every time you take a look at it you will remember the great time you spend at the place where you made it.

You can never lose this souvenir too. Find a thing that leaves the best impression of the city and mark your body with it. It doesn’t need to be a big tattoo, you can choose the place and the size of it too. You can’t do this with other souvenirs. Sometinhg might impress you, but it can be either too big or too small. Or you might not like the colour. Merely with a tattoo you won’t experience this trouble.

This girl found her solution regarding a good souvenir when it comes to travelling.
Not only she enjoys to travel, but she adores painting her body with tattoos as well. Each place she visited left her something to remember, but not only in her memory, but on a part of her body. And she marked each tattoo with something that will make her remember the country and the city she got the tattoo in. Like for example the tattoo “Wanderlust” she made in Helsinki, Finnland. She wanted the letter “T” to be painted with blue specially, one of the colours in the Finish flag, to remind her where she got it.

02-tattoovia tattoomagz

But this is not as simple as it looks like too. You need to find the perfect tattoo saloon too. And there are several things that you need to be aware of, whether it’s sterilized or it is a real good and quality shop as it’s advertised.

Some may think that this seems crazy, but not this girl. Travelling is her passion, and life and tattoos are too. And she found a perfect way to combine these two.
Her favourite tattoo is the map of the world she has on her left wrist. This one she made in Vancouver. On her right wrist she has a compass, she made in Keswick.
She got the feather made in Sydney that represents her freedom, flying like a bird from one place to another.

03-tattoovia seattlestravels

Scroll down and check some other travel tattoos I found on the internet. They’re so amazing and original at the same time.

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