Most Relaxing and Luxury Spa and Wellness in Milan

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Most Popular and Luxury Spa and Wellness in Milan

Milan undoubtedly has a lot to offer, from numerous ancient monuments and buildings, to classy restaurants and elegant hotels. If you are a shopaholic, this is the perfect city for you, but when you get exhausted of it all, there are a number of luxury spa and wellness in Milan to rejuvenate and reenergize you. Apart from various facial and body treatments, they also include hair care and make-up services.

Grand Visconti Palace Spa & Wellness in Milan

Among the best-known luxury spa and wellness in Milan is the one in the Grand Visconti Palace. This spacious center has a Jacuzzi and a steam bath, apart from other facilities. Their most popular treatment uses alternative medicine to relax you and detoxify your body.

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01-Grand-Visconti-Palace-Welness-&-Spa, Luxury_Spa_and_Wellness_in_Milan  image source via grandviscontipalace

The Principe Di Savoia Hotel, Luxury Spa and Wellness in Milan

The Principe Di Savoia Hotel houses one of the best spas around. There’s a Turkish bath, hydro massage tub and a hair salon. The products they use are organic and the staff will cater to your every need, making sure you leave happy, relaxed and satisfied with their service.

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Château Monfort, Luxury Spa and Wellness

Whether you are a guest at Château Monfort or not, you can indulge yourself in their spa, in an intimate atmosphere which is heaven for your body and spirit. At this beautiful place you will certainly find refuge and be pampered in the Emotional Showers complemented by amazing aromas and colours to help you relax.

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Culti Spa & Wellness in Milan

Culti Spa is a place that will definitely meet your every expectation. They have an entire line of natural mineral products and fragrances, as well as experienced staff that know how to relax you and make you fully energized. You can instantly feel the effects of their signature anti-aging facial treatment based on ingredients from Brittany’s purest sea waters. This spa located in Viale Brianza is perfect for both men and women.

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Park Hyatt Hotel, Luxury Spa and Wellness

Park Hyatt Hotel is not only one of the best in Milan, but has a top-class spa as well. Aromatherapy showers, bamboo oil massages and various other treatments in mosaic-decorated rooms will rejuvenate you and make you want to come here again.

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Enterprise Hotel Luxury Spa and Wellness in Milan

The Enterprise Hotel in the north-west part of Milan houses a magnificent spa, at the very top, overlooking the city. There’s a sauna, a spa and a fitness center (although no swimming pool). There’s also a Japanese relaxation room, chromo therapy, a Turkish bath as well as much more.

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QC Terme Relaxation

QC Terme in the heart of Milan will offer you an extraordinary experience by providing you with excellent service and products. This Roman-looking spa features whirlpool baths and waterfalls, relaxing bio saunas, a saltroom and various wellness treatments on the wellness tram. Located on Piazzale Medaglie d’Oro it’s easy to reach on foot and by car.

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Other Luxury Spa and Wellness in Milan Worth Visiting

A few other luxury spa and wellness in Milan are also worth mentioning. The Centro Benessere Garrarufa offers numerous services, including a fish pedicure while sipping on a healthy juice. Enjoy the Boscolo 5-star spa with a 5-star service that won’t let you down. The Four Seasons’ spa has a number of body-toning treatments, caviar treatments and salt massages that cost around 180 euro. Finally, Hammam Della Rosa is a traditional Morrocan hammam where you can relax in oriental surroundings while snacking on some dried fruit.

Centro Benessere Garrarufa

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Centro Benessere Garrarufa

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Centro Benessere Garrarufa

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Boscolo Hotel Spa

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Boscolo_Hotel_Spa, Luxury_Spa_and_Wellness_in_Milan
Boscolo Hotel Spa

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10-The_Four_Seasons_Spa_Milan, Luxury_Spa_and_Wellness_in_Milan
The Four Seasons’ Spa in Milan

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10-The_Four_Seasons_Spa_Milan_1, Luxury_Spa_and_Wellness_in_Milan
The Four Seasons’ Spa in Milan

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Hammam Della Rosa in Milan

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Hammam Della Rosa in Milan

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11-Hammam_Della_Rosa_Milan_2, Luxury_Spa_and_Wellness_in_Milan
Hammam Della Rosa in Milan

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