How to Recognize Scammers on Your Travels

Vacation and precaution – on your trip in a foreign land you can relax and enjoy, but you also have to protect yourself from falling into the trap of local hustlers. Although in some cases you may be safer in another country than at home, it seems that scammers are all around the world waiting for someone like you. So, while enjoying your holidays, you should be precautious and do not forget that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Take a look at this list of the most common scammers you may encounter on your travels:

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False police – It is not uncommon to be stopped by a false policeman that will ask to see your passport. He will find some irregularities soon enough and ask you to pay a fine. Do not fall into his trap and offer him to accompany you to the nearest police station. If he is faking, he’ll apologize for making an alleged mistake.

Airport taxis – Taxis waiting for passengers at the airports could try their tricks on naïve tourists. They could take longer routes to charge you more, or even ask for the money in advance. Before you get in, settle on a price and pay only when you get to your designated place. You can try to get information about the average price of the ride beforehand. Still, it is best to use the services from licensed taxis.

Your hotel is closed – This is a very common scam in some countries. Your taxi driver could try to persuade you that your hotel is closed and offer you to take you ‘to an even better one’. Of course he gets a provision from the alternative hotel. This scam is more unpleasant than damaging, but it is best to prevent if you can, so insist that he takes you to your designated destination.

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Scooter scams – The scooter you rented to get around town comes with a lock and two keys. You have one, and the other one stays at the agency that rented you the scooter. When you park it somewhere and leave it locked, someone from the agency could come and ‘steal’ it. Then, the agency will ask you to refund the cost of the scooter, since you’ve left them your passport and signed an agreement that obligates you to do it. A piece of advice – always have an extra padlock and a key.

A great offer at a store – Since the friendly taxi driver has informed you about a store that sells carpets, or jewelry at extra cheap prices, be sure to do your research, since it is not uncommon to buy something way more expensive than the actual price.