A Real Tropical Paradise–Is This How You Imagine Your Dream Vacation?

Where is Your Dream Vacation

How do you in fact imagine your dream vacation and ideal holiday? Where should it be? And are you one of those green nature lovers that want to enjoy the fresh air on a mountain peak or settle down in a tropical paradise and enjoy under the warm sun rays. With a view of infinite turquoise waters, resting your feet on the white sandy beaches, feeling the soft tropical breeze and watching the amazing sunset diving in the vast ocean accompanied with many cocktails.

Real_Tropical_Paradise image source via cookislands.travel

Tropical Getaway in the Summer

I believe that most people see the tropical getaway more ideal and appealing for in the summer. Everyone wants to feel the sun rays burning the skin than search for the sun that hides behind the tall trees in the mountain resorts.

Real_Tropical_Paradise-5  dream vacation   image source via kuoni

Check out the pictures of some of the best summer resorts in the world, located in remote tropical spots. Places that will make your dreams come true, and make your dream vacation wonderful and unforgettable.

Real_Tropical_Paradise-7 image source via gatewayinnresort

There Are so much Amazing Places in the World

These pictures won’t leave you unimpressed. Their remarkable beauty, the wonderful and vast sandy beaches, the whole interior of the places and the astonishing sight on the infinite azure water are indeed captivating.  Imagine the first rays of the sun waking you up, and the first thing you see is this amazing infinite blue landscape and there in front of it the beach that is waiting for you to rest on it the whole day long. Or have the first morning coffee on your balcony experiencing an amazing panoramic view of the whole place surrounding you.

Real_Tropical_Paradise-8   image source via gatewayinnresort

You can even spend a day in the pool or near it, if the waves are big that day, and still have that unique feeling that you’re actually in heaven. And say goodbye to the day, watching the sun diving slowly in the water, and shining like gold, casting shadows on everything around.

Yes, you will feel like you’re in paradise all right.

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Real_Tropical_Paradise-2   image source via myola-plantation-viti-levu-fiji.marquetteturner

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