Did you Know That There is Such Place in the World Where a Constant Storm Occurs

You are tired of the constants rains or storms that go on every once in a while. Just imagine living in a place where the storm never stops. Yeah, you’ve read it right. There is a place on Earth where the storm lasts for 300 days in a year. This phenomena is called The Catatumbo storm, because it mainly occurs at over the river Catacumbo that flows into the lake Maracaibo. This incredible view can be spotted at this very place located in Venezuela. There are unstoppable lightings throughout the whole year that literally bonds together the sky and the Earth. There are about 28 hits in only a minute.

01-stormvia flickr by Erick Houli licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

But, however, there are many tourists that consider this the main attraction in Venezuela, and don’t miss a chance to see this battle between the sky and the earth. The locals think that this is some kind of a battle between the Gods and they’ve named it also -the fierce river.

Unique Phenomena of its Kind

This is the most unique phenomena of its kind and it’s also the biggest natural ozone source. Not only these lightings are fast and occur pretty often, but the strength of a lightning move on the scale between 100 and 400 thousand amperes. That is way above the standard. This huge energy makes the lightings very bright and visible from a great distance. Because of its providence, you can correctly spot from where this great storm is coming, and there is no chance that you’ll miss your way if you want to witness this spectacular show.

But even though you might seem this all seems dire, it is decidedly not. On the contrary, the whole show this natural wonder makes is definitely captivating and enchanting. Mostly because of the interesting fact that the lightings can change colours, all depending on the humidity of the air. Also, this storm holds a special place between the marks representing the country, and also it has a peculiar place in the history of the place, because it has impeded two night invasions over Venezuela a long time ago.

Explanation of Storm Phenomena

The most coherent explanation about this happening is the geographical localization, the topography and the atmospheric circumstance, but as well there is another possibility that it’s the methane that influences all of this and can be found in huge quantities at this position.

No matter what it is that contributes to this all to happen, there are still many visitors that go here just to witness this awesome natural phenomenon. And not only tourists are drawn by this sight, but also there are many explorers and scientists that visit it and want to witness it, learn something more and examine this strange sight at the same time. They might find a new explanation about it, who knows!

Till then, it doesn’t matter what it’s making it as long as the view is this gorgeous.
Check out the screaming pictures from bellow and the videos demonstrating how it all looks like from a closer point of view.