The Perfect Summer Vacation for Each of the Zodiac Signs

If you still can’t make up your mind for the location and the theme of your next summer holiday, maybe this horoscope-based insight can be of help; especially if you are planning a trip to surprise and treat your significant other:

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1.The ones born in the sign of the Aries are into adventures, so an exotic cruise, water-skiing or maybe hiking into a remote mountain area will make the perfect holiday for them;

2.The ones born in sign of Taurus are of relaxed nature, who like an extravagant holiday. Choose a destination with lovely landscapes and exquisite food and they will be happy as clam;

3.The Gemini are always active, so the laid-back approach will not do for them. Any location that offers bunch of activities such as all night long parties, scuba diving or sightseeing will make the Gemini one happy camper;

4.As a water sign, the Cancers like to be near any great body of water and to be surrounded with the people they love, as well. So, renting a villa near the lake or seaside where many family members can stay at the same time will gives them the holiday to remember;

5.The Leos like glamour and to mingle. Choose a city with a rich nightlife, lots of clubs and fancy restaurants, such as Cannes or Las Vegas;

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6.The ever-organized Virgos are famous for their thirst for exploring. Treat them a journey to a spa or all-nature resort. Nothing will make a Virgo more happy than a nice yoga exercise followed by a walk in picturesque nature;

7.The ones born in the sign of Libra love their commodity. Their ideal place will be an elegant hotel which offers great dining experience and relaxing massages. A hotel that has a high fashion boutique in it won’t hurt them as well;

8.The mystic Scorpios want to flirt with danger. The best satisfaction for their great intellect will be the exploration of new cultures; so take them to a faraway location and let them explore the local bars and hidden beaches;

9.The persons who bear the Sagittarius sign love to travel. Make sure you take them to a place with lots of open space, perhaps camping or a lodge that offers great hiking opportunities;

10.The ones born in the sign of the Capricorn want tourist places rich in history, but also trendy ones. A trip to Sicily looks like the perfect choice;

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11.The persons born in the Aquarius sign love to become part of the local community they are visiting. So, choose a location where tourists are more than welcome and where they are treated as one with local people. A prolonged stay in a small, near the sea cottage will give them this experience. Sounds like a trip to a small Greek island to me;

12.The Pisces are ever adaptable, as long as their surrounding gives them the tranquility and the mind fodder they crave. It does not matter if is a short visit to New York or long days spent at a beach or a spa; as long as they are content with themselves, that’s the perfect spot to be at the moment.