Ticket – Would you Pay $ 19 000 for a Plane Ticket

Ticket Offered by the Singapour Airlines

Yes, there is actually a ticket that costs this much and doesn’t take you to the moon and back. But it’s a plane ticket offered by the Singapour airlines. And for this price you will get a special royal treatment, something even better than first class. Also, the price may vary depending on the places you’re travelling from and to.

This ticket can be bought with the Singapore Airlines, the first commercial airline company with double beds up in the sky. These suites can be seen in their leading plane, the Airbus A380, and it isn’t just flat beds, but there are separated cabins where you can enjoy some privacy during the flight and it’s not the leather seats and the comfort that make it seem classy, but they can actually easily transform into beds when sleeping time comes. The interior of this luxurious space on the plane is simply gorgeous. Designed by the French designer Zhan Zhak Coste, with one rich and soft leather seats, hand sewn by the Italian tailors from Poltrona Frau.

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Plane Ticket for a Royal Treatment

We get the chance to witness this amazing royal class treatment thanks to Derek Low that has tried this and shared various photos during his flight. He spent 19 000 dollars for his flight from Singapore to New York. During the flight he was served by a Steward that has served previously the great Leonardo DI Caprio and Morgan Freeman. This young entrepreneur, Mr. Low as he was called by the crew members, constantly travels and wants to experience every class and flight possible.

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But the experience he received with this expensive flight is incredible and irreplaceable. Because not only the flight is organized with this company, but the whole time after you enter the airport. The minute you get into the airport, the royal treatment begins. You can check-in your ticket into the special check in lounge for First Class and suite class only.

Your luggage will be carried and their procedure is to take you into a special room while waiting for the plane to take off. It is called the private room, where you’ll be served some amazing viands and beverages during your waiting time. When the time to take off comes, there is a jet bridge only for suite class passengers and a flight attendant waiting for you to take you to your room. A comfy leather seat waiting for you in a personal cabin with a large flat screen in front.

There are 12 extravagant apartments in the plane, and at the same time Low was travelling there were three other passengers that used the same arrangement.


The benefits with this ticket are many. You can choose to eat whatever you want to and drink and taste some amazing flavours, like the inevitable Don Perignon and even try the rich flavour of the Jamaican Blue Mountain. And the play doesn’t stop here, but you’ll receive a copy of every daily newspaper, or if you’re hesitating what movie to get a line, the personal staff is there to assist you with your selection.

The luxury is not just about the personal Suite and the special service you get (because everyone will treat you like a king, all crew members know your name even before you get on the plane), but about all the things that can be found on the plane like the amenity kit from Slavatore Feragano you’ll find on board just for suite class users, or the slippers, pajamas, blankets, pillow that is all custom made from Givenchy as well.

The staff is simply awesome. They want you to get the most comfort there is and are constantly checking on you (more precisely giving a quick glance in every 3 minutes), but without being annoying nor intrusive. If you want to take a walk around the plane, you should just name it and one of the crew members will guide you and show you the whole plane from the inside. And when bedtime comes, you don’t have to sleep in your seat that can go flat, but the whole Suite is being transformed into a bedroom where you can fully enjoy the sleep.

On the flight from Singapore to New York, Derek Low took, there is a two hour layover in Frankfurt and the ones from the Suite Class are escorted to the Lufhansa Senator Lounge where you can treat yourself with a spa and a hot shower. Also the crew members switch and new crew members come on board for the flight to New York.

There is a Book the Cook service which will provide you with the opportunity to pre order the meals you want on the plane just for you. It’s pretty awesome isn’t it?

There is definitely no better flight experience than this one. Once you reach your destination you wouldn’t want to leave the plane.

Enjoy the Luxury of this Amazing Flight

Enjoy the luxury of this amazing Suite in the sky. The Singapore Airlines really think of everything and have found a way to serve the ones that are not owning a private jet, but still want to enjoy some privacy and first class service.

Check out the pictures of the interior and everything served Derek Low made during his flight. Everything looks very neat and lavish, doesn’t it?