Myths about Air Travel (2)

1. People get sick more often on a plane – Many believe that because of the ‘stagnant’ air in the cabin people can easily get a respiratory system infection. However, planes are equipped with HEPA systems, which purify the air and keep bacteria away from the passenger cabin. There is a thorough change of air in the cabin every 2-4 minutes.

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2. The doors can open during a flight – There are many recorded incidents about patients which tried to open the plane’s doors under the influence of sleeping pills. Luckily, it has never been successful, because due to the pressure inside the cabin, to open the doors you need the strength of a hundred bodybuilders.

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3. You can fall through the toilet – There are rumors that you can get stuck in the plane’s toilet. There is no truth behind these rumors.

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4. You can get a better seat if you complain to the stewardesses – The myth that stewardesses can offer you another seat is false. Do not try to persuade them you will only embarrass yourself.

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5. Planes collide with birds all the time – Confirmed. Although there have been several extreme cases, most of these collisions pass by unnoticed. It is most common during takeoff and landing.

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