Myths about Air Travel (1)

1. People get drunk faster in the air – The myth is that the lack of oxygen makes alcohol get to your head more easily. However, the researches show that there is no significant difference – it is all the same, whether you are drinking in a bar or up in the skies.

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2. There is no 13th sitting row on the plane – If somebody is superstitious, they might not want to stay in such places. One of those companies is Alaska Airlines. On the other hand, Lufthansa omitted the number 17, since it is considered bad luck by Italians.

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3. Pilots avoid the Bermuda Triangle – The legend says that in the area between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida more than 1000 planes and ships have disappeared. Still, pilots never avoided this area.

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4. The plane would explode if a bullet had been fired – It depends on what that bullet would hit. If the bullet goes through a wall, no problem. The pressure in the cabin would compensate for any leakage from the hole. If the bullet breaks a window, it is another story, since the hole would attract everything. If the bullet hit the fuel tank, then it might cause an explosion.

5. Sex on a plane is better – There is a myth that the lack of oxygen heightens the senses. Despite that, the plane causes artificial pressure that imitates the conditions on the ground, so it does not really have any effect on you.