The most hospitable city in the world

Enjoy the Most Hospitable City in the World

Can you guess which city would be the most hospitable city in the world? There are many places where the surrounding and the friendliness of people will surprise you, and they’ll welcome you and offer you a nice place to stay and you’ll get that feeling that you’re actually home.

The residents of New York were known for their hate towards the tourists that wander around their streets and are crowding the café’s, the sweet shops, or with their slow walks in the subway stations.

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But this is all history nowadays. Recently, this city with the worst hospitality level was proclaimed as the city with the highest level of hospitality in the world.

Who Made This List

There were around 3724 experts in travelling the world questioned to name the city where they felt the most welcomed. And the answer of 11 percent of the respondents was New York. Peking found on the second place and Toronto and Amsterdam are sharing the third place of most hospitable city in the world. This questionnaire was made by the portal Coupon Codes Pro. It was about time to crush this bad reputation for this great city visited by millions of tourists every year. And the number even increases from year to year. The residents of New York have probably habituated to the tourists and don’t find these crowds or slow walks so annoying anymore. In every way this is even better if they get even more visitors. And I hope that this tourist rate that is increasing will never stop. Since New York is a real magical place. This mark of the most hospitable city in the world might encourage the New Yorkers to be even better and their hospitality to grow even more.

Many Other Cities Need Lesson About Hospitality

And in contrary to this hospitable city is France as a country for which the travellers say that is the one that has the worst hospitality, and the French people are the cruelest and nastiest people in the world and mostly to the tourists that use the English language only.

In this group with the lowest hospitality along with Paris as France’s capital are London, Barcelona, Rome and Tokio.

They definitely need a lesson from New Yorkers how to improve their hospitality rate, and develop into a respected country and Paris count as a city with great hospitality than stay the last on this list. This will contribute to lose a great part of their tourists. The sights are not the only things that make the adventure more desirable, but the whole experience you’ll gain there, including the hospitality that plays a great role.

I would suggest all of the inhabitants in the cities around the globe to work on this, improve their reputation and view the world has on them, and move steps up on the scale and even outstrip New York on this list.