Make The U.S. Virgin Island Your Next Sailing Destination. And Here’s Why…

Situated along the North Atlantic Ocean, the US Virgin islands are placed a bit south of the British Virgin Islands, and are consisting of three islands: St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. They are wholly surrounded by turquoise water with many cliffs and riffs, that makes snorkelling even more interesting. You can see such unique and rich wildlife in the underwater kingdom that can be found nowhere in the world. This is an island where you can enjoy in every corner, there is a bit of everything. The only thing that is forbidden in most of the beaches is booze. The locals don’t want to get in troubles with drunks.

10-Paradise Point Tramway Sailing Destination image by Robert Pittman, license CC BY-ND 2.0


You should definitely put this place on your next sailing destination list. It is one of the top destinations in the world, that are worth visiting. We will supply you with information about the most visited and best spots you should spend some time on this island.

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Amazing Sailing Destination

Trunk Bay is located on the St. John island, in the Virgin Islands National Park. This makes it even more appealing. Its beautiful white sandy beach is 6 km long starting the port. You can enjoy in the walk there. It is recognizable for the plenty wedding ceremonies that were held mostly in this Bay. It has the funkiest and most equipped beaches of all. You can enjoy a beautiful day walking or sunbathing on the beach, or can also do some snorkelling and discover the coral world that can be found under this island. There is a snorkelling trail you can follow. You can find many dining areas, restaurant, cafes, snack bars, shops, showers that make this the most equipped beaches of all. As I mentioned before alcohol is strictly forbidden here, so that  any inconveniences are avoided. You can enjoy some privacy in this quiet place because most of the sunbathers go to the other two beaches. And since there are not many trees and shades found on the beach the best way is to get there in the morning and find a perfect spot before it gets busy.

2-st.john image by Trey Ratcliff, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Another beach located on this same island is Hawksnest beach. You can leave the port and get to here by ferry. This is the perfect spot to begin your adventure of exploring the island. The colour of the water can easily change from turquoise to green as the weather changes from sunny to cloudy. The beach is covered with such soft sand that’ll make you feel like walking on clouds. On weekends this beach is crowded by people who either enjoy the sports activities that can be done here (such as: snorkelling or hiking..), or enjoy the sun, sunbathing, and take  a dip in this amazing water surface.

U.S. Virgin Island New Sailing Destination

Cinnamon Bay is another place where you can settle and enjoy. There is a bit of everything that will satisfy everyone’s taste. People can enjoy kayaking, snorkelling, swimming or sunbathing the whole day long. Because of the clarity of the water the fish can be easily seen swimming next to you. The water is so warm at this place and you can stay the whole day playing and swimming in it without feeling tired. The entrance to the beach is free, and everyone can find a spot because it is really long. In that respect are more shady spots where you can hide from the blistering beams of the sunlight during the daytime. There are toilets, showers, snack shop and a souvenir shop. Everything you’ll need.

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Another interesting location, but on the St. Thomas Island now, is not a beach, but the “Blackbeard’s Castle”. This Castle has an old watchtower that seems to watch over the whole city. An interesting pirate collection can be found inside the castle (collected by Blackbeard of course) and also in the country yard, sculptures of various pirates can be seen, which every tourist finds interesting.

Many Sailing Places

“The Coral World Ocean Park” is something that cannot be seen every day.  It is a small salty aquarium, with an underwater observation tower off the slide and other maritime exhibits and pools. You can see some interesting wildlife here, like sea turtles, sharks and tropical fish. You are provided the chance to scuba dive and experience this world from closer. And for the non divers, there is a Sea Trek, you can follow and experience the feeling of walking on the ocean floor.

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The famous “99 steps” serves as a link to many attractions around the city. There are numerous species of plants planted along both sides of the stairway which will make you feel like you belong there. These stairs are among the oldest sights of the capital city Charlotte Amalie. The tiles for the stairs were brought from Denmark, and previously served on the ships as ballast. Once you climb up all of the stairs you’ll experience a view to the harbour of the city which is amazing.

Put the U.S. Virgin Islands to Your Bucket List

And if you want to see the whole city from above and enjoy in a ride above the whole island, try the “Paradise Point Tramway”. At the summit you can choose whether to spend some time in the mini Zoo, or in some of the surrounding bars and restaurants. Starting from Cruise Ship Dock the cable car goes 200 metres high. The tickets cost only $ 20 each, and you can use it to the maximum, the whole day and go up and down as much as you want to.

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Proceeding our journey to the final island, St. Cruix. This island is recognised for the forts. The Fort Cristiansvaern, The Fort Christiansvaern is established since 1749, but is still well preserved.  The rooms in this fort are decorated in the original style that gives you a sight of the Danish colonial history. It was actually built to protect the city from possible attacks.

Fort Frederiksted on the other hand is a port area close to the city of Frederiksted. This port is really amusing, because of the many performances used to welcome every tourist in town. The beach that is next to the Fort is amusing as well. The coral reefs are formed by the skeletons of many animals. The reefs stretch almost around the total coastline of St. Croix. You must take your swimming glasses if you’re planning on visiting this place in order to see the variety of fish found here which are amazing indeed. Also, many pelicans can be seen diving for a same fish because the fish are actually their main dish.

6-Cinnamon Bay Sailing Destination image by yawper, license CC BY 2.0


And at the same island in the village of St. George  a magnificent garden (St. George Village Botanical Garden), that is located on some old ruins, can be found. Firstly, this was restored to be a sugar plantation, but now it presents a horticultural attraction, having various types of plants. It represents a small rainforest and is the perfect spot for all of you – flora lovers, out there.

This is only a small insight of what expects you at this location. Don’t miss your chance to pay a visit to the U.S. Virgin Islands and experience this all by yourself. Be the one that enjoys those beautiful sandy beaches and snorkels through the reefs. Change your course now and select this as a next stop.

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