Where Is Located The World’s Steepest Street

Try jogging on this steepest street…

Located in Dunedin, New Zealand the Baldwin Street is the Steepest Street in the world. It is only 350 metres long, but you should just try climbing these 350 metres, they will seem like an infinite walk. Even driving a car seems like hell, getting up is hard, and while descending you must assure first that the brakes are in a perfect condition.

01-Baldwin Street image source via thekiwikronicles

I wonder how the people are living in this neighbourhood. I bet everyone envies the neighbour on the lowest level. But you’re lucky to be on the top as well. You are exercising by climbing this way every day, and can save a ton of money not having to go to the gym. It might seem like mission impossible to have to climb this for the first time, or do this while you’re drunk. But in time people always get used to everything. And there is positive thing about this, the fact that you’re above everyone and get to experience a great panoramic view of the downtown.

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It is even recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the steepest street in the world. It is covered with concrete instead of asphalt in order to provide a better grip in the frosty winters. And there are stairs instead of a footpath on the grip.

It takes 10 minutes to get to the top of this 350 metre long street. But there is a drinking fountain waiting for you on the top to freshen you up, and restore your fatigue too.

The residents here have already habituated to it and have found some interesting ways to use this street too, many annual events are held there, like the Baldwin Street Hutbuster, which is a race to the top and back, on which around 1000 competitors from all over the world attend and compete in different categories. Yet, the record set from decades ago cannot be beaten. There is even a Jaffa race on the Cadbury Chocolate Carnival that takes place every year.

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Don’t be afraid to climb it, if you someday get the opportunity to be in that location. It cannot hurt you, but can help you lose some weight only.

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