Locals Reaction Regarding your Travel Tattoos

Travelling is part of many peoples’ lives and sometimes wanting to discover something more about the culture and the history or explore the place better they may get judged because of their looks. That’s why you should be aware where you may land next and do a little research about the place in advance. Just to know what their culture is and how to prepare for them.

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Tattoos as Culture

When it comes to tattoos there are many nations around the world that are open minded about that subject and even tattooing is a part of the culture of many tribes and nations and their long tradition. There is no problem for a tattooed person to get in an environment like this. But there are many nations around the world that have prejudice when they see a mark of ink on your body.

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I believe that this article will help you pick up the right clothes for your next visit to a place. Whether you should fully cover your body or proudly show off your tattoos it depends on the culture of the state and city you’ll end up next.

Canada Tattoos

01-Canada Tattoos  image source via thetravellingtattooartist

Canadians are actually pretty acceptable when it comes to tattooing. The number of tattooed people in Canada is insanely increasing which makes it one inky nation. Almost every resident is tattooed. Every person you meet here will definitely have more tattoos than you. Thus, don’t worry that they won’t like you for the tattoos. It is in fact the absolute opposite. And there are many tattoo quality shops where you can get inked here also.

The United States of America Tattoos

02-USA_Tattoos image source via tattoocanyon

The residents of this country love ink. They are open-minded about this just like their Canadian – North neighbours are. It seems that great part of the whole American continent is acceptable when it comes to getting inked. No one will look down on you because of being tattooed, don’t worry about that. There are still several parts of the country where ink is not that well accepted, but in a whole you won’t have troubles because of showing your tattoo off.

Costa Rica Tattoos

03-Costa_Rica_Tattoos image source via dorianserpa

Here you’ll spot a lot of tattooed people, even though they are mostly the surfers that are actually non locals, but still the locals from Jako are already used to the fact spotting inked people around them. So you won’t have a problem to walk around showing the tattoos. People are not even noticing them. If you plan to go to the remote village of Tortuguero you will be even complimented for your tattoos.

Aruba Tattoos

04-Aruba_Tattoos image source via aruba-daily

The people here don’t pay much attention about the tattoos you have, nor will look down on you for having them or be surprised that you’re showing them around. Most of the population has tattoos on themselves as well, and they accept all this, and find it as no relevant thing to care about. There are many tourists that have ink on their bodies and no one finds them strange or something. You can even get tattooed there, since you’ll find many tattoo saloons around the island.

Mexico Tattoos

04-Mexico_Tattoo image source via tattoo

Here people are very accepting of tattoos. Most of the residents around the cities have ink on themselves too. No one will throw you a glance because of the tattoos. But people may just compliment you for a certain tattoo. Just have in mind that if you’re planning on visiting a sacred place like a church you need to dress conservatively, like it counts for almost every sacred site around the world.

Dominican Republic Tattoos

05-Dominican_Tattoo-1 image source via tattoocanyon

People are interested about you once they spot you have a tattoo. They will throw several glances on your tattoos wherever they spot you, but no one will say anything to you. You can dress what you want to without having to cover your tattoos. They just seem curious about what you have painted on your skin.

Trinidad & Tobago Tattoos

06-Trinidad_Tobago_Tattoos image source via bertelsenart

Here people won’t stare at you because of the tattoos, but the fact that they are not used to many visitors there. It is not necessary to cover up your tattoos, they won’t attract locals’ attention no worries here. The residents seem to love tattoos since many have a great deal of them on their bodies.

Jamaica Tattoos

07-Jamaica Tattoos image source via Flickr, by 561design, license CC BY 2.0

Here people are more curious than displeased that you have tattoos. It is interesting that you have your body painted, and might even want to touch it. They won’t show disrespect for the ink on your body for sure, but will enjoy examining them and ask for an explanation from you for what it is and what it means to you. You’ll be like an attraction for the locals there.

Hawaii Tattoos

08-Hawaii_Tattoos image source via tattoosgallery

This place has a long history connected to tattoos. Hawaiians’ culture is strongly connected with the tattoo culture. There is no Hawaiian without a tattoo. They are all tattooed, that is part of their culture and believing. And unlike other nations and cultures where you can get mistreated because of the tattoos, here you won’t face with that issue, but you will be even given a priority in contrary to the other non-tattooed tourists.

Finland Tattoos

08-Finland_Tattoos image source via barsken

Although most of the time people are heavily clothed because of the frigid weather, even if part of your tattoo is shown no one will pay much care. I think that many Finnish are inked themselves as well. You can spot a bunch of tattoos and piercing shops in the capital of Finland, Helsinki, which makes me believe in this even more. This is another big city where people don’t care how travellers look like, or have prejudices.

Iceland Tattoos

09-Iceland_Tattoos image source via skinandbonetattoo

Probably you wouldn’t spot many tattooed people on the streets since they are all well covered because of the cold. But inside a warm restaurant or a café people are proudly showing off their tattoos. So, don’t worry here. Your tattoos won’t cause you any trouble. There are also many tattoo saloons throughout the capital – Reykjavik, where you can get a new tattoo to mark your visit there.

Norway Tattoos

10-Norway_Tattoos image source via invictustattoo

This is another cold place where tattoos are totally accepted, along with piercings. Norwegians have a lot of piercings and it seems that they like them more than tattoos. You can show off the tattoos when you have the chance (in a warm bar or a restaurant) without a problem. No one will mind you having tattoos nor give you a wigging stare. There are some great piercing and tattoo shops around Oslo and the other bigger cities around the country.

Czech Republic Tattoos

11-Czech_Republic_Tattoos image source via blog.tattoodo

In the Czech’s capital, Prague, you will be able to find some of world’s best tattoo artists. It is a big metropolis and no one will stare at you because of the tattoo in a big city. Here people don’t matter about what you have on you, what you wear, or what your hair colour is. The locals here are very much different from each other, and they don’t pay much attention what is going on around them. Everyone minds their own business. This rule stands for in every other metropolis around the world too.

Israel Tattoos

12-Israel_Tattoosimage source via badderisrael

You might expect to be mistreated because of the tattoos here. But in fact, the Israelis are fairly accepting of your tattoos. You just need to prepare and be covered while visiting the religious sites around the country. People might judge you if you disrespect their sacred place (if your body is not well covered) more than because of the fact that you have ink on your body. It is all right to wear whatever suits you in the general public areas. No one will look down on you for it.

Jordan Tattoos

13-Jordan_Tattoos image source via humanitycanwait

It is a country where still the tradition counts a lot. Women are not supposed to show a great deal of their body here. And not to mention if you have a tattoo and it is showing! Oh, well then it’s a problem. People will look with such disgust that will make you feel very offended. That’s why you should cover your body the best you can, and try not to leave a tattoo on a prominent place if you want to avoid the judging eyes of the locals.

Kenya Tattoos

14-Kenya_Tattoos image source via thikalive

Here you might feel some eyes on you, but these are mostly the curious eyes of the locals that are interested about the tattoos. It is not connected to judging you or something. You can dress how you want to and walk proudly not covering your tattoos.

Morocco Tattoos

15-Morocco_Tattoos-1 image source via moorhenna

Here the residents might be more curious for the tattoos than judging like for the clothes. This place has a Middle Eastern culture, and here women are expected to be fully covered as well and not show much of their body. This counts for tourists too. You will feel much more comfortable if your body is well covered. Or at least wear something that covers your shoulders and knees. You will feel better when all eyes are not on you because of the inappropriate clothing and be able to explore the country in peace.

Japan Tattoos

16-Japan_Tattoos image source via Wikimedia Commons, By Tattooenthusiast, license CC-BY-SA-3.0

It is believed that people look down their nose on tattooed people and that they don’t like the tattoos at all. But there are some places like Okinawa, where you will be interesting for the residents just because of the tattoos, and that people will appreciate you even more. Likewise there are many tattoo shops found around the nation in almost every bigger city, and there are many locals that have tattoos themselves. But there are still places where that old tradition is preserved and where people with tattoos are prevented to enter. This can make you a bit blue, if you experience it, but you shouldn’t take it for granted.

Thailand Tattoos

17-Thailand Tattoos image source via dgeigsinsingapore

The Thais like the Hawaiians have a rich tattoo culture and are very tattooed themselves. You will be very comfortable to walk displaying all of your tattoos, even in the rural areas and won’t feel judged. You will feel free to dress whatever you want to in public areas, but pack up some things that will cover your shoulders and legs for a visit to a religious site. People do the tattoos on each other’s, themselves. Many are great tattoo artists. And for them every tattoo is of cultural significance.

According to these previously mentioned countries, it seems that Europe is a continent where almost all countries, tattoos are fully accepted and no one will look down on you just because of the ink you have or the way you’re dressed. America is here as well with the same rating, and when it comes to Asia, and generally about the countries from the Middle East (like Jordan, Israel or Morocco –African country with the same Middle Eastern tradition), well you need to be aware and cover a great part of your body if you don’t want the eyes of the locals staring at you with depreciation.

Next time you plan a trip firstly do a little research about the culture and the tradition that exists in the place, in order to be fully prepared for everything and to know whether to cover your tattoos or walk proudly showing them off.