A List of the Most Expensive Yachts of all Times

Billionaires truly can’t get enough. They are competing unremittingly about who will own something bigger, or faster or lavisher. And none of them sees himself a real billionaire if there isn’t a luxury yacht right next to him. Granting to the outcomes of a survey it has been found that one billionaire spends approximately 22 million dollars for a yacht.

It’s nice owning a yacht. It can take you anywhere you want to go. One of the best parties are made on these billionaires’ yachts. They can make a profit out of them too, since many are being rented. And a rent to a yacht like these would cost you 4 – 5 million dollars for only a week. It would cost you less if you make one for yourself. But the fact of owning a yacht is still not enough. So multi millionaires around the world are now competing on who will posses the most beautiful, or the fastest, or the longest yacht in the world.

It’s a real serious competition don’t you think. And an expensive one too. Ranked according to the price they costed, these yachts are also the wealthiest material items the billionaires possess.

Here is a list of the most expensive yachts, taking off from the less costing one, up to the most expensive one.

Dilibar Yacht

In the last place on our list is the yacht “Dilibar” named after the mother of the richest man in Russia, Alicer Usmanov. It is 360 metres long and costs $263 million.

01-dilbar-yachtvia businessinsider

Radiant Yacht

The next place goes to the yacht “Radiant” belonging to Abdula Al Futam a car trader and one of the richest men, from the United Arab Emirates. It was under the ownership of the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovski, before he sold it to the billionaire from the Middle East for $286 million.

02-yacht-Radiantvia chinayacht

Pelorus Yacht

Pelorus” costed 300 million dollars to get in the arms of David Geffen, the American magnate. He purchased this mega yacht in May 2011, from Roman Abramovich.

03-Pelorusvia digitalnews

Dubai Yacht

Dubai”, now worth $ 300 million, was the most expensive yacht in the world at the time when it was built, in 2006 by Blohom+Voss. It belongs to the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Mactum, from Dubai now.

04-Dubaivia knockoutmag

A Yacht

Named as the first letter of the alphabet “A” is not only one of the most expensive, but the most elegant yacht in the world as well. Its design is unique, and everything on it is worthwhile. The bathrooms cost only 40 million dollars. And the full price for this yacht was $323 million. Philippe Stark, the Russian oligarch possesses it.

05-melnichenko-boatvia skyscrapercity

Serene Yacht

Next on our list is the yacht “Serene”. It is one classy yacht, with an Italian design, and costs $330 million. The Russian vodka distributor, Yuri Scheffler, has this one.

06-Eclipse_yachtvia businessinsider

Eclipse Yacht

With a private disco, a movie house, restaurant, and a special laser system protecting the flashlights from the paparazzi, “Eclipse” was on the top list as the largest yacht in the Earth for three years till 2013. The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich paid $485 million to make this yacht.

07-eclipse_yachtvia businessinsider

Largest – Azaam Yacht

Now “Azaam” took the place for the largest yacht on the Earth (and the first place in our list as well), with its 590 metre length. The Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is a president of the United Arab Emirates has this yacht under his property. It required 4 years to make this mega yacht.

08-azaam_yachtvia news.thehoworths

Will there be another mega yacht build in a short time that will take the place of “Azaam”? We still can’t tell for sure. Maybe Roman Abramovich will go for another one bigger than “Eclipse” and “Azaam” to keep on the top spot of the man owning the biggest yacht.

Agreeing to a survey the wealthiest men from the Middle East, and the Russians are the ones having the most beautiful mega yachts around the world. We can remark that from the list from above too. Only one American tycoon gets on this list. The question and the ceaseless battle is who would own the largest one.

Many of these classy yachts can be found on almost every port around the Earth. They are on a constant travel and can be spotted mostly at: the unique Carribean, the romantic Italy, the magnificent Croatia, the traditional Spain, the free Netherlands, the magnifique France and so on. If you’re in one of these places, don’t forget to visit some of the ports, you actually might be able to spot one of these mega yachts there.