A List Of Some Of The Coolest Cinemas Around Great Britain

Even though these days’ people find their home cinema the best choice, there are still many that enjoy a good movie watching it on the big screen. The magic that occurs while watching it in the cinema and the home is not the same. What category of people do you fit in? If you’re one of those that want to enjoy a nice premiere on the silver screen then follow our list of some of the coolest cinemas found in the United Kingdom.

Prince Charles cinema

01- Prince_Charles_Cinema_Leichester, coolest cinemas image source via Flickr, by James Nash, license CC BY-SA 2.0

Prince Charles cinema, London got on the first place. The ticket prices are low, the staff is friendly and the fantastic marchioness makes the cinema one of the bet Hindi cinemas in London. It is a real gem, where you can get back in time watching a classic movie, or modern ones too.

 01- Prince_Charles_Cinema_Leichester-1 image source via Flickr, by Simon Pearson, license CC BY-NC 2.0

Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds

Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds was opened in the far 1914, and is still considered are one of the warmest and cosiest cinemas in Lids. It has preserved part of its original decor, like the amazing balcony in Edward’s style and the classical red seats. It is a classic, and an independent award winning cinema, where still nowadays, every Saturday at 12:00, family films are presented and on Wednesdays at 11:00 you can go with your baby for the baby program.

02- Hyde_Park_Picture_House_Leeds Coolest Cinemas 02- Hyde_Park_Picture_House_Leeds-1   via Flickr, by Adam Simmons                                                                                              via instagram @millie_marl

 Duke of York’s in Brighton

03- Duke_of_York’s_Brighton  image source via Flickr, by Marcin Wichary, license CC BY 2.0

Duke of York’s in Brighton is a real art house. This is also a home of the movie festival Brighton, and is also believed to be one of the oldest and coolest cinemas in Britain, opened in 1910 that is still in use. It’s not only the oldest, but it’s considered as the coolest and the best cinema in Britain too.

03- Duke_of_York’s_Brighton-1 image source via Flickr, by Bob Prosser, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Rex in Berkhamsted

04- The_Rex_Berkhamstead-2 image source via therexberkhamsted

The Rex in Berkhamsted. Here not only you can enjoy in a good movie, but you’ll enjoy the movie along with one of the finest selected wines from the wine card, and tasty appetizers too. There is an option to watch the movie from a table. This art Deco beauty is the best choice for all that love spending their time watching a quality movie.

04- The_Rex_Berkhamstead 04- The_Rex_Berkhamstead-1 image source via therexberkhamsted                                                                                                          image source via therexberkhamsted


The Regal Cinema

 via facebook: RegalCinemaMelton                                                                                                                 via facebook: RegalCinemaMelton


The Regal Cinema is situated in Melton Mowbray. And this recently done up cinema offers a luxury experience in the great love sofas for two or the ordinary single seats. There is even a bar there. Have in mind that you can pay only with cash here, and enjoy the choice of commercial, cultural or classic films.

The Cameo in Edinburgh, one of those coolest cinemas

06- The_Cameo_Edinburgh  image source via Flickr, by angus mcdiarmid, license CC BY-NC 2.0

The Cameo in Edinburgh is the oldest one in Scotland. It dates back from 1914 and still in use, which confirms the greatness. Its first name was The King’s cinema, but after the refurbishment in 1949, the name was changed too. There are three screens and an amazing cafe bar in this cinema.

06- The_Cameo_Edinburgh-1 image source via Flickr, by byronv2, license CC BY-NC 2.0

Tyneside cinema in Newcastle

07- Tyneside_Cinema_Newcastle via facebook: tynesidecinema

Tyneside cinema in Newcastle. Not only that there is a great choice offered in this cinema is appealing, but there is a creative space for a movie school and interesting experiments connected with the film production. This is without doubt the most stylish cinema in Britain.

Curzon in London

08- Curzon_London Coolest Cinemas  via facebook: curzon.cinemas

Curzon in London is the favourite choice of Londoners, mainly because there are 9 great screening rooms. The favourite of them is definitely Renoar in Bloomsberi because of the underground screen, the bar and the free wi-fi of course.

08- Curzon_London-1 image source via Flickr, by Elizabeth Ellis, license CC BY-SA 2.0

The Electric cinema in Birmingham

09- The_Electric_Birmingham 09- The_Electric_Birmingham-1 via Flickr, by Tony Hisgett, license CC BY 2.0     image source via Flickr, by John Henry Mostyn, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Electric cinema in Birmingham is believed to be the oldest one that is still open in Great Britain. It is a very special one it is maybe the coolest cinemas. It was opened in 1909, and the first movie showed there was a silent one. There are even waiters that will provide you a service like in a restaurant. There are even tables there, and you can choose either to sit on a table or in the ordinary seats. And it’s got its own magazine as well.

The Ritz in Thirsk

10- The_Ritz_Thirsk 10- The_Ritz_Thirsk-1 via facebook: TheRitzCinemaThirsk                                                                                                            via facebook: TheRitzCinemaThirsk


The Ritz in Thirsk is a small but friendly local cinema run by volunteers, and to make it seem even sweeter there is ice-cream sold there instead of popcorn. The choice of movies is also made to fit the a wider audience, that’s why a wide selection of films is shown there.

10- The_Ritz_Thirsk-2 10- The_Ritz_Thirsk-3 via @mckendrickmultimedia on Instagram                                                         via @professorbrain on Instagram

The Empire cinema

11- Empire_Cinema_Sandwich image source via Flickr, by Andrew M Butler, license CC BY-NC 2.0

The Empire cinema is built back in 1937 in Newcastle and it’s hard to think of or imagine a more enchanting and magical place where you can spend 2 hours watching a quality movie.

Zeffirelli and Fellini’s in Ambleside

13- Zeffirellis_and_Fellinis_Ambleside  Coolest Cinemas 13- Zeffirellis_and_Fellinis_Ambleside-1 via @mandytjie on Instagram                                                                            via @olyaash on Instagram

Zeffirelli and Fellini’s in Ambleside, is not only a cinema, but a combination of a cinema and an Italian restaurant. It might sound weird, but goes better with a movie than pizza. It’s pretty awesome, right?

6 Cinema Portsmouth

14- No.6_Cinema_Portsmouth 14- No.6_Cinema_Portsmouth-1  via facebook: No6Cinema                                                                                                                                 image source via teamlocals


6 Cinema is located in the historical part of Portsmouth and is completely different from the rest, because of the industrial appeal it has. It is actually situated in a boathouse. The projections here are limited, only one a day, but the recommendations are indeed amazing and that is why it is also part of the coolest cinemas around UK.

 Broadway Cinema, Nottingham

15- Broadway_Cinema_Nottingham image source via Flickr, by C.C. Chapman, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Broadway Cinema is located in Nottingham and is a Hindi cinema, with a vast selection of movies, and some strange appetizers. Can you spot from the photo what they are? It presents the best international and art house movies.

Chapter cinema in Cardiff

16- Chapter_Cardiff image source via Flickr, by Anne Marie Cunningham, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

And ending the list with the Chapter cinema in Cardiff. It is a place with many platforms an excellent and huge choice of movies and an incredibly nice and cosy café. It is not simply a cinema, but there are plays hosted here as well, music, and performance art. Despite the cafe, there are several bars and a free art gallery too.

16- Chapter_Cardiff-1 16- Chapter_Cardiff-2 via @graceinthelane on Instagram                                                                                                       via facebook: chapterarts

They are all worthy visiting, not just the outdoor appeal, that catches the eye, but because of the great movies that are shown there. There is no better place to feel the magic of the movie if not in a cinema. Don’t torrent, every time you do that some of this coolest cinemas gets killed or about to get killed.