Le Moulin Du Roc? A Small Charming Hotel in France

Small Charming Hotel – Le Moulin Du Roc

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of this small charming hotel, to be honest, I didn’t know that a hotel like this exists up till recently, when I accidentally discovered its official web site. After a long research I found several pictures that really enchanted me and I’m sure they’ll captivate you too. Really, this hotel hides behind one beautiful garden, and is hard to detect it since of the amazing flora that surrounds the whole place and charms the area.

Le_Moulin_Du_Roc_small_charming_hotel image source via cybevasion

The most interesting thing about the hotel is that it was previously a factory from the 17th century and was then restored to be a hotel and captivate with its look.

Small Quiet Hotel, Perfect for Relaxing

This humble and unique hotel is located in the area named Champagne-de-Belair in France and represents the most charming one in the area.

Le_Moulin_Du_Roc-4 image source via shabbyandcharme

There are only 15 rooms in this complex and they are all perfectly spread around the three parts of the Mill and connected by intimate staircases, terraces or small footbridges. How they all are intermingled in a labyrinth is fascinating. Every room is fitted with an old-fashioned and classic furniture. But today, these traditional elements are still catchy for the eyes of the tourists and look quite fancy and fit well with the outdoor rain of colours that is spread around the place. Ivy wreathes around the facade of the hotel, and only brings about the complete image of the place to be even more magnificent.

The Appearance of The Place is Like a Paradise

The whole appeal of the place reminds of a remote paradise island. A real place to enjoy one peaceful and relaxing vacation and become one with the surrounding nature. How awesome is to wake up and have the first sip of your morning coffee with a view this great.

Le_Moulin_Du_Roc-1_small_charming_hotel image source via korsantes

Follow your dream and pleasure and stay in this most beautiful place in the world. And if you arrive at the correct moment and experience to remain alone in the hotel and relish in the nature all by yourself and your travel buddy, well expect the excitement and enjoyment to be even bigger.

Check out our collection of photos from this place and enjoy this little heaven.

Le_Moulin_Du_Roc-6_small_charming_hotel  image source via moulinduroc

Le_Moulin_Du_Roc-7  image source via moulinduroc

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