Lazy Travellers: The Ultimate Packing Tips

Preparing to pack your suitcase, deciding on what things you want to bring with you, and the constant feeling of panic that you will ultimately forget to pack something important – is really not the right way to start a trip. We offer you these 8 very useful ultimate packing tips that will change the way you pack your bags, even for the laziest among you.

Never Unpack the Things you will Need Later

You probably do not need a charger, a neck pillow or a small hair dryer in you everyday life so that there is really no need to remove them from the suitcase. Leave all of your everyday necessities in your suitcase to keep you waiting when you need them. Plus, you will not have to worry about whether you have forgotten them as they will already be packed.

Choose a Travelling Outfit

Opt for a specific outfit in which you can travel. Make sure to be comfortable and warm – these are the key things when you are planning on spending 20 hours in a plane. Choose something from your wardrobe and let it be your outfit for the trip. This way you will avoid the stress on choosing which clothes to wear at the last moment, because you will simply be able to pull it out of the closet and you’re ready to go.

Have your Cart

Are you waiting for the last minute to start packing? Have a cart in your bedroom or your bathroom, where you can put things that are needed as you come across them. In this way you will reduce the chance of forgetting something.

Bring Clothes that do not Wrinkle

This way you will not have to worry about packing your clothes too carefully. Just pop them in the suitcase and they will be like new when you unpack at your destination.

Dry Cleaning

This is a great tip for lazy travellers – simply take your clothes to the dry cleaner’s and return to pick them up in a few hours and you’ll get them clean, ironed and beautifully folded. All you need to do is to put them in the suitcase.

Keep your Old Ultimate Packing Lists

There is a great chance that your travels require similar things that you have to pack. Old packing lists from summer or winter holidays or business trips can always come in handy and make the packing an easier chore. The lists can be stored on a computer or your mobile phone so they are always at your disposal.

Set a Packing Time

We can very easily lose track of time before the trip, especially because of the many daily tasks. Specify the time when you will do the packing, a day in advance is best so you won’t start panicking because you need to go in 5 minutes and your suitcase is still empty.

Buy What you Need when you Arrive

Do not panic if you have forgotten something – you can buy many of the things you left behind at your destination. However, in this way you will lose some time and money.