Kairouan – The Calm Desert City with the Oldest Minaret

Kairouan the Oldest Mosque in North Africa

As the oldest Islamic settlement in Tunisia, Kairouan has the oldest mosque in North Africa with the oldest minaret in the world. Referred to as the Islamic Cultural Capital, this UNESCO World heritage site is situated in the central part of the country, around 60 km from the tourist resort Sousse. Throughout the city you can see its historical importance as one of the most significant centers of religious studies in the Islamic world.

Barber Mosque -- 04via wikimedia by Douya licensed CC BY-SA 2.5 

Kairouan Most Attractive Tourist Destination in Tunisia

Today, Kairouan is one the most attractive tourist destinations in Tunisia, and the best place to understand the Islamic history of the country.

This picturesque city was also featured in Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark. The Medina is one of the most attractive tourist places known for the excellent carpets that are sold there. Nearby, you will come across the beautiful Great Mosque and the Barber mosque as well as the Rakada and Sidi Amor Abada museums. A must visit are the Aghlabid pools, built in the 9th century, which once served as spa centers for the Kairouan elite. When it comes to the cuisine, special delicacies are the local pastries. 

Carpet shop in Kairouan -- 05via wikimedia by Orientalist