Interesting Disney World Facts

Most Interesting Disney World Facts

Walt Disney had great plans about Disney World, and one of them was to create a prototype for a community of the future. It would not have been a theme park only, but it would have had the most sophisticated technology. Unfortunately, the visionary died a few years before the first futuristic city for children was opened in 1971 in Orlando, Florida.

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1. Disney World is the size of San Francisco – Disney World in Orlando covers a territory of 104 square kilometers. It is almost the same as San Francisco – 121 square kilometres.

2. The park has thousands employees – Maintaining this theme park is not an easy task, and Disney World has 62000 employees to take care of it.

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3. The right place to lose your sunglasses – Every day Disney World employees find around 200 pairs of sunglasses that end up in the lost-and-found section.

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4. Disney World is self-sustainable – Disney World, or the Epcot ground to be more precise, produces around 30 tons of fruit and vegetables, which are incorporated in the culinary offer of the theme park.

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5. The oak tree that created 500 more – The Oak of Liberty on the Liberty Square is more than a hundred years old, and the tree ‘fathered’ more than 500 more trees in its surroundings.

6. The Princess’ Dream apartment – The Cinderella castle features an apartment suited for 6 people. The great LCD screen is masked into a giant mirror, and the whole apartment is full of pleasant surprises. Unfortunately, you cannot make a reservation for this apartment, as its winners are selected randomly, as well as the winners of the princess’ heart.

7. Disney World is eco-friendly – Around 25 km away from Disney World there is a reservation covering 12000 acres of swamp land, protected by the company with the purpose to compensate for the damage to the nature that occurred due to the creation of the theme park.