All Inclusive Vacation: Yes or No?

It soon to be summer, so it is the perfect time to plan your vacation. One or more weeks away from work and school, no long hours in the office or the library, sleeping long in the morning an having fun from dusk until dawn. Summer vacation is what we all need, to take brake from the busy life, to relax under the sun, to fell free from all the duties and to be spoiled with sweet treats.

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The first thing about planning the summer vacation, regardless if it is for a family, a couple or friends, is choosing the location. In the summer the most attractive are the exotic resorts, white and sandy beaches, turquoise sea, perfect climate, palm trees and sunshine!

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After choosing the destination you need to decide between all inclusive package, bed and breakfast or just going with all arrangements in your hands.

Most of the resorts are offering all inclusive holidays, with all meals, drinks and other treats and activities such as entertainment and using the pools included in the price. Some are offering even more inclusive packages with spa, massages and alcoholic drinks all the time. But, you can also go on a vacation by paying only for a room in a smaller hotel and then eat in the local restaurant and bars.

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If you still having a dilemma what to do, we will try to help you by presenting the pros and cons for all-inclusive vacations.

Going all-inclusive means that you don’t have worry about anything. All the meals and drinks will be served to you. Also you can get drinks in the bars in the resort or the hotel. And kids can sweet treats all the time.
You don’t to bring a lot of cash with you, well, you don’t need money at all. And you can’t spend more than the planned budget, because you pay in advance.

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In most of the hotels and resorts, you don’t pay for kids younger than seven years or half of the price for kids from seven to 12 years. So, you can get free holidays for your kids.

You can find everything is your resort, so you don’t have to worry about getting something you need. Totally careless.

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Most of the all-inclusive packages offers you fun activities such as pools, hot tubs, snorkeling, private beaches and sport terrenes. Some of them have even water slides that kids adores.

But, on the other hand you still have some cons.

The food they served is more continental, so you can really try a local delicacy. Or if you do, you will have to pay extra.

Most of the times is buffet, with not really quality food. And, if you sleep longer you will have to satisfice your hunger with leftovers.

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Yes, alcohol is included in the price, but mostly cheap beer and vodka, and only to limited time in the evening. For drink in the night and having fun, pays extra.

Because you have everything in the resort, you can feel kind of trapped. And the excursions they offer are much higher than the price you can find with the local tour operators or if you rent a car or bike.
Sometimes the entertainment can be pretty lame, so you end up watching TV in the room.

So, if you have kids it is the best to go all-inclusive, because you can save up money and you don’t have to worry about their meals and ice creams. But, choose a resort or hotel with good reputation. If you are more of a wild and free spirit that want to explore, than just go with the flow, eat local, visit different beaches and have fun.