Holiday In The Mountains: Fresh Air, Peace And Breathtaking Views

Summer is the time when we all want to go on holiday. Some prefer lazy ay at the beach, swimming and diving, but other want to relax in the mountains with fresh air and bird songs.

For some people the true pleasure is to enjoy in the nature, the untouched one, rich forest, fresh air, wild flowers and plants, high in the mountains where the sky is incredibly blue. Holiday in the mountains, by lake or a river, where everything is green is pleasure for the soul and mind. So peaceful, so wild, so pure, like trying to reconnect with Mother Nature and her gifts.

summer_in_the_mountains_04 via visitvailvalley

If the beach and popular tourists resort are too much for you, lot of people, noise, mix emotions, or you just want to get away from the concrete jungle then a trip to the mountains will suit you perfectly. Enjoy in the silence, but listen the sounds of the nature, the ripple of the streams, the bird songs and the sound of the gentle summer wind.

Just imagine yourself having your fist morning coffee in lovely nature while the sun rising about the hills. No matter if you are going alone, with your partner or the whole family the mountains are good for all, because once in a while we all need to leave the busy city and just rest from the modern world. Kids can run around, collect flowers or wild berries, and the mountains can be pretty romantic.

You need to start your getaway in the mountains by choosing the perfect one for you. You can find all sort of accommodation, from luxurious hotels and spas to incredible wooden lodges that fits perfectly in the natural setting. Our suggestion is a lodge, those like the old movies, all made of wood, cozy and warm. In the mountains, even summer, the nights can be quite chilly and cold, so light a fire in the fireplace or in the fire pit in the yard and roast marshmallows for the kids or just enjoy in romantic night with your love.

If you are going in a lodge you must prepare very well, and by that we mean to buy everything you need, food and drinks, some medicaments in case of emergency and get some board games. Get some warm clothes as well.

For a proper relaxation, leave all the gadgets at home and bring only your camera, so you can capture the incredible scenery, just like paint, but made by the nature.

You can choose a place near a lake, so you can swim, but in the quit mountain, not crowded beach.

Hiking, biking, horse riding and long walk in the amazing mountain are just few of the thing you can do on your summer holiday. And, they are good for your health as well.

Learn about wild berries, fruits and plants, so you can collect some and treat yourself with fresh products. May be you can go hunting, if it is allowed.

So, try something new, travel in the magnificent mountains and feel, smell and taste the nature.