Holiday Makeup Hacks for Burned Skin

Ladies, we all like to look our best during those few precious days spent at the seaside. Yet, the sun is getting stronger and stronger and it is quite easy to forget yourselves while at the beach or the pool. The result-burned skin. It can vary from a faint blush to a perfect imitation of a ripe tomato.

If the later happens to you, please do seek medical help, severe sunburns should not be left untreated. For the rest, the products that you already have in your cosmetic bag should to the trick for covering those red splotches:

Better be Safe than Sorry

To avoid needing extra makeup to cover the redness, make sure you have extra SPF sunscreen put on your face. Wide-brimmed hat will also cover your face and protect you from sunburns. You also might try this-use a small bottle with a spray cap and put some mineral water with lime and/or lemon slices in it.

1. Summer look_burned skinvia the-beauty-factor

You can pop it in the freezer during night as to have extra cool refresher. Spray some from time to time, but make sure you have waterproof sunscreen on. This lemon water will not prevent you from sun burning, but it will offer extra hydration and a cooling effect;

Moisturizer Burned Skin

Burned skin equals dry skin, so you need to freshen up and return the water that your skin lost under the harsh sunrays. The loss of water changes your skin texture as well, making it less smooth. Regardless of your skin type-oily, combined or dry, this gritty texture will be a problem while applying makeup.

SP, before you start slathering on foundation, put some moisturizer crème first. If you have naturally drier skin, you will need a moisturizer with an extra “boost”-use one with agran or marigold oil. If your natural skin type leans towards oily, use a lighter oil-free moisturizer;


Might come in handy, but it is not exactly necessary; for lighter redness the foundation will cover it all. Yet, sometimes we need something extra. Concealers that come as a palette, so you can combine your own shade are the best for traveling. The yellow tinted ones will cover the spots on the nose and cheek area, while the green-tinted ones will offer coverage for intensive redness and freckles;

Smooth it Out

The moisturizer will already offer smoothing, but add an extra step as to achieve the perfect look-makeup primers. Use silicon-based primers and apply only on the areas you need it the most. Too much of it will have an opposite effect and it will just “slide” the makeup from your face.

After applying the primers, give it a pat with a paper towel to remove the excess and add a very, very thin layer of foundation. After the foundation is dry, gently add a layer of translucent or compact powder with a wide brush. Be patient and let the foundation dry, otherwise the brush strokes will be visible;

Skip the Blush

Hey, you already have blush on. So, make the foundation and translucent powder on your cheekbones light enough as for that natural blush to peek. Transform that redness into a lovely summer glow. Go easy with rest of the makeup as well- layer of mascara and a lip gloss in rose or peach color will complement the look nicely. So, now you are ready for a beach party and photos that will make your holiday last forever!