Have you Heard of the Desert Wave?

Desert Wave in the Arizona Desert

You must be wondering now how can a wave and a desert go together and create the desert wave? And what is this oxymoron meaning, in fact, and what is it referring to as well? Well, there is actually a place in the world connected to this name, and how – read further and find out.

Wave is a world known sandstone rock formation located in the middle of the great Arizona desert which has a shape of a wave, that’s how it got the name too.

The_Arizona_Desert_Wave_2 image source via fungagz

This unusual geological formation of desert wave is actually located on the border between Arizona and the neighbouring country Utah. And represents a place that many campers, climbers, and photographers visit in order to grasp the grandness this rock offers. There is no period of the year or even no period of the day that this wonderful creation of nature spends without a company of a tourist or explorer that came to witness its magnificence or try to find out how it was constructed.

Perfect combination of colours make you speechless

The unique mix of colours, like pastel red, pink and yellow that twist in and create a rainbow of colours that make a motion along the contour of the rock make it seem even more attracting. The shape, form, colour, everything contributes for the desert wave to be this famous.

Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic are world known photographers that have made a magical video record using more than 10,000 of their amazing photographs taken of this natural wonder. Their art work shows every inch of this amazing creation that dates back from the far-off Jurassic period.

The_Desert_Wave_Arizona_Desert  image source via commons.wikimedia, By Gb11111 (Own work), license CC0 1.0

Desert Wave Valley One of the Most Photographed Places

Despite the fact that this is one of the most photographed places on Earth, it is also on the list of one of the most scenting hiking destinations. You still must have a permit to go on and explore this place. There are only 20 hikers allowed to visit the rock daily. The fatality rate is still high here, because of the high temperatures in the middle of the summer and the fact that many of the tourists go on their adventure alone. It is very hard to find the way back if you’re an inexperienced hiker and the high temperatures contribute to lose your way even more. That’s why guide tours are recommendable if you’re planning on taking a hike there.

A view of the rock on the other hand is completely safe, but it lacks the adrenaline rush you get once you head for an adventure exploring all of this rock.

The_Desert_Wave_Arizona_Desert_1 image source via fungagz

The creations Mother Nature makes are indescribably beautiful. What she has created can be made by no human hand. And their greatness is represented through these awesome Natural Wonders that can be seen all over the world. This is only part of the many other that are outspread all over the world.