Who Said That Haunted Forests Exist in the Horror Books or Movies Only

There are many books and horror movies that talk about a haunted forest, some that make you lose your way in or some full with evil spirits that live among the dense trees. People that have visited these forests witnesses spotting hands trying to reach them from the trees, or hearing the thunder of invisible horses.

But after all these legends and hearings that circle connected to these forests, everyone that goes there is afraid even by the slight leaves whisperings. Some can swear that there is something paranormal that lives there and that enchants every visitor that tries to enter or make them lose their way. But, there are many suicides and murders spotted in most of these forests too. Now think carefully before choosing to visit any of it.

Not minding these spooky tales, there are still many brave individuals that dare to get into these forests and hunt for the supernatural. Their adrenaline lust is bigger than any consequences they might face there. But thanks to those who went there and experienced the magic that circles the forest we get these stories about each one of the forests and the phenomenon that can be experienced there.

Aokigahara, Japan

This one is known as the Sea of Trees because of its dense forest. It is located in the northwest base of the Mount Fuji and it presents one of the most mystical places on Earth. Many have lost their way here because of the density of trees, and there are reported to be around 500 suicides since 1950. Locals say that they can hear the screams of these spirits during the night. No one knows what has contributed to their suicides, or if they were suicides at all. And it is rumoured that you can get lost even with a compass, because there are large deposits of iron underground and they interfere the compasses and often lead them to a wrong direction.

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The famous Black Forest, Germany

Many fairy tale stories by the Brothers Grim came connected with this forest. It is densely forested with many pine and fir trees, and hardly any sunlight can get through this. Along with the Rhine River, this landscape looks incredible and bewitching. Many mythological creatures live in this very forest, like werewolves, sorcerers, witches and kindhearted dwarfs. And they all found their place of residence in this very forest thanks to the Brothers Grim. But, it’s not its dark appealing, and these tale characters that are set here. But in reality people have witnessed and heard that a dark magic spread around these trees, and many haunting and killings have occurred just here. People are not fully aware of the exact number. The Necromancer, first published in 1794, carries the details of all of this.

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Wychwood Forest, England

This forest was once a part of the royal hunting land in Ocfordshire. There are many paranormal encounters of real people with spirits of the underground world. People witness seeing a hand trying to reach a man’s shoulder, or that a horse drawn cart is passing these lands with a ghost couple and two sobbing children. They seem to be stuck in between. But the most amazing case is the one of Amy Robsart, who has died of a broken neck, and is thought to still wander these lands. Everyone she meets will have the days counted. Her husband, the Earl of Leicester, had an encounter with her in the forest while hunting and she predicted that he’ll join her in 10 days, which really happened.

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Devil’s Rumble Ground, North Carolina

This is one mysterious 12 metre ring in the deep forest near Harper’s Crossroads, 16 km east of Siler City. According to the story connected with this odd little spot devoid of growth, the devil walks in these woods at night, plotting against mankind. And nothing grows in the place where he treads.

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Dow Hill, Kurseong, India

This forest is considered to be haunted by a headless boy, since many woodsmen report seeing it wandering among the trees. But besides this there is a local school near the forest that is rumoured to be haunted as well. Students report to hear footsteps echoing in the corridors. Why these paranormal activities are spotted here, and is there a reasonable explanation for the things spotted, we still can’t tell for sure. There are no examinations made at this place. And yet, it is still believed in that primary story.

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Hoia- Baciu Woods, Romania

There is one unexplainable force that circles in this forest. There are many witnesses of people that go there and never return. It is thought that there is some kind of portal in the centre of the forest that takes those who pass through it to a certain place, one from where they can never return. It is indisputable that there is something greater in this forest, some kind of force, because many people that have been there, are claiming to feel anxious and nauseous the whole time. Also, what is that that have made the trees twist into knots. These were once standing straight and tall upwards. First with Dracula, now this force that circles in Transylvania, it seems that this place has made a pact with the devil to preserve that creepy look and believing about the whole place.

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Isla de las Munecas, Mexico

This is one really creepy island, where many dolls can be spotted hanging on every tree. They were all hanged by the only resident that once lived on the island Don Julian Santana. He has started hanging dolls on trees in tribute to a dead girl he found in one of this island’s canals. There was a doll right next to her, and everything began with that same doll. It was the first one to be hung. Afterwards, he continued with this like some kind of a tradition, and it all ended the day he died, drowning in the very canal he found the girl. People believe that these dolls are evil, could they be the one responsible for his drowning, or? Some, on the other hand think that these dolls safeguard the island. You can try one of the four hour round-trip that go around the island, and discover it yourself.

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Randolph Forest, Maine

This forest has a big reputation of being haunted. In the daytime it looks pretty harmless and actually scenic, but as soon as the dark falls over the trees people report that orbs, flashes and strange noises can be seen and heard there. What makes people believe in these sayings are the abandoned cars and ripped up railroads that can be spotted in the middle of the forest, grown over with grass.

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Epping Forest, England

This formerly royal forest is nowadays a place of horror. It was the spot where cop killer Harry Roberts and the outlaw Dick Turpin hid their murder victims. And these aren’t the only murder victims found in this place. There is a story that the ghost of Turpin is still living in this ancient woodland and haunts every visitor there. Many get lost here without a reason.

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Frith Wood, England

The people that visit this forest, witness to spot a girl ghost sobbing, or running through the trees. The legend goes like this: back in the early 19th century, this forest was all barracks for French prisoners that were captured during the Napoleonic Wars. There was a woman that fell in love in one of the prisoners, but her father and brother didn’t support their love, and they beat the boy to death. This followed by the death of the girl, that killed herself mourning for him.

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Robinson Woods, Illiois

Once this was the land of the Pottawatomies, Ottawa and Chippewa nations. Their chief, Alexander Robinson was buried with his family somewhere in these woods. And it appears that even after their death, there are still owning the land. There are many paranormal activities spotted at this place, like the many orbs of light, that are considered to be the spirits of the Robinson family. Also, people often say that they can smell lilacs near their graves even in winter. And during the daytime group of deers tend to circle around the visitors, like they are examining them.

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Are you one of those that find these creepy things appealing? Well, then pay a visit to some of these daunting woods and explore the unexplained phenomena that occur there. If you’re lucky enough, you might even spot a ghost.