Why Guam is One of the Most Interesting Tourist Destinations?

Guam is compared as an earth paradise, full of history, rich cultural inheritance from the indigenous population, magnificent views.

Why Guam is so popular is because its uniqueness. It is a part of America but at the same time presents entrance to Asia. Also it is a mixture of traditional and local culture with foreign and nonnative one. Besides all these oppositions it is astonishingly beautiful. There are a lot of reasons why should Guam be visited but here are going to be mentioned only 11 of them.

1. Paradise for the divers: If you are sympathizer of the sea world and if you like unforgettable adventure here is the reason why you should visit Guam. The water in Guam is crystal clear and inside there are perfect coral craters that look like were created by bombs. Diver are fascinated from the place Apra Harbor and Gun beach where can be seen how a lot of stingrays are eating. Diving here and seeing those amazing reefs will make you fell in love in Guam at first sight.

Guam Divers-01via outdooruae

2. The next one is about the Chamorro food: the name of the food comes from the indigenous people called Chamorro that live in Guam. As we previously mentioned that this place represent a mixture of different cultures, we can see that even in the cuisine. The Chamorro food is a mixture of Spanish and Mexican specialties which characterizes tamales, tortillas, chilaquiles and atole. Also something else that is used with the specialties are the sauces. One of them Finedene is made of soya. Another is Kelaguen that is made of lemon, pieces of coconut and chili peppers.

3. The Guam’s history: As se said previously that this territory was settled by Chamorro people. The influence from Spain and Japan has gained because in the past more precisely in 17th century was Spanish colony while during the Second World War Japan occupied Guam for two years. This is the reason why in its culture and in cuisine also, has different influences.

4. The Culture of the Guam is compared with that one of Texas. The increasing wish for High school football on the one side and the united society on the other side are things that bond these two places. People in Guam are known for their hospitality and kindness. They are also popular for their parties that are known as village fiestas. They are tightly bonded with their bordering countries and look after between each other.

5. Another opportunity for adventurous people is the possibility of hiking. There are many places where you can enjoy in your hiking like: Pagat caves, Sigua Falls, Marble cave, Cetti Bay and a lot more.