20 Fun Facts about New York

History and Fun Facts about New York

1. The Dutch explorer Peter Minuit in 1626 bought the island of Manhattan from the Algonquin in exchange for trinkets and tools that were worth around 24 dollars.

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2. The first name of Manhattan was New Amsterdam, after the Dutch port in its southern part.

3. New York was capital city from 1789 until 1790.

4. New Yorkers travel to work an average of 40 minutes every day.

5. More than 47% of the residents of New York older than 5 speak a second language.

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6. Central Park is larger than the Principality of Monaco.

7. The City Council has 51 members and is a legislative institution.

8. The average real estate price in Manhattan is 1.49 million dollars.

Fun facts about New York City

9. Taxis are yellow, because John Hertz, the founder of the Yellow Cab Company, thought that the yellow color was especially striking. He was right.

10. The Bank of Federal reserves in Manhattan has underground chambers 25m in depth and holds 25% of the world’s gold bar reserves.

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11. Every year around 45 million domestic and foreign tourists visit New York. They cumulatively spend around 25 billion dollars.

12. The average price for a hotel room is 267$.

13. More than 250 movies per year are filmed on the streets of New York.

14. The New York tube consists of 26 routes and 6.200 cars that stop at 468 different stations.

More facts about New York

15. On average, 4.9 million people use the tube daily in New York.

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16. More than 12.700 licensed taxicabs operate the streets of New York.

17. More than 18.600 restaurants operate in the city of New York, and the average meal price is around 39$ (including a drink, and the tip).

18. According to the 2000 census, 8.008.267 people live in New York.

19. Around 790.000 business companies operate in New York.

20. There are many legends of the origins of its nickname – “The Big Apple”, but most historians agree that the nickname derives from the author that reported on horse racings in the 1920s and was a correspondent for the New York Morning Telegraph

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