Fun Facts about Dublin

1. The name means ‘black pool’ – The name of the city originated from the Gallic words Dubh Linn with the meaning of black pool. There was a real black pool, which has evaporated long ago.

The O’Connell Bridge -01via wikimedia by Hans-Peter Bock licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0

2. There are more than 1000 pubs in DublinDublin is famous for its vibrant nightlife and traditional pubs. The city is also home to the oldest pub in the world, the Brazen Head, operating since 1168.

3. The O’Connell Bridge is one of a kind – it is significantly wider than it is long.

4. A truly romantic destination – Forget about Paris and the Eiffel Tower; if you want a true romance, come to Dublin.

5. Famous twin cities – Dublin has quite a few twin cities, among them Barcelona, Liverpool and San Jose.

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6. The Phoenix Park is the largest in Europe – Dublin is not all pubs, there are more than 2000 acres of greenery with lots of walking trails. The Phoenix Park is largest in Europe, and second largest in the world, after Central Park in New York.