Find Out where Popeye the Sailor Man Lives?

As if Malta was not pretty enough with its own look, still in the Northwestern part of this amazing Island country the magical village of Sweethaven is located, built back in 1979 that contributes to the even more stunning beauty of Malta. Guess who can be spotted there? This is actually the village of Popeye the Sailor man, the popular cartoon character.
When Walt Disney and Paramount decided to put Popeye on the silver screen and make a movie for him, they choose this small coast on the North West of Malta.

 Popeye Village

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It took seven months to build this amazing and colourful village. And 165 workers were included in this project. They had a task to make an authentic version of the village like it was described in the comic book, by the creator Elzie Segar. The 19 wooden houses were constructed with wooden material only and 8 tons of nails were used for this to make them last and stand. Since Malta has no forests, the wood was imported from The Netherlands and Canada. And 2000 gallons of paint were used to make the whole appeal seem certain. And to protect this improvised city from flooding, there is a breakwater in Anchor Bay that serves to protect the village from high seas.

And indeed the whole place looks like it has come out of a fairy tale.

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Located in Mellieha bay it must be your stop by, and on your must-to-visit list among the other attractions you’ll be exploring around, like the numerous coves and beaches. It is a great way to entertain your kids and make them happy with the visit to the Popeye’s village and meeting many famous cartoon characters too. Despite Popeye, here they will be able to see Olive Oyl, Swee’Pea, Wimpy and Bluto.

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There are many activities you can do here, like the “take 2 filming” with which you will be able to be an actor for a day and take part in a live movie. You can choose to be either the villain or the hero of the day.

Malta’s Attractions – Popeye Village

This village not only presents Malta’s main attractions, but it’s the real place for a family vacation.
Kids can enjoy in several activities like face painting, storytelling, balloon modelling, crafts, many games, and open- air barbecues too.

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Adults Activities

And adults can spend their time for a mini golf course or do some wine tasting. During the summer you’ll spot the play pools, boat rides, and water trampolines around, but in winter there is the famous Christmas Parade and Santa’s toy town.

Even though Popeye’s character was created far back in 1929, still it is very popular among all the kids around the world. And many mothers are happy to have Popeye on their screens. It is the only way to make their kids eat spinach.
See how this magical tiny village looks like.

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