FIFA 2014 in Brazil: Best travelers tips

Finally, that day have come, the day that football fans were waiting for four years, the day that the best players from all over the world will start to write new history. Brazil and the whole world in now living in the spirit of the football, euphoria, excitement, bets and dreams, today is starting the World Cup in Brazil.

Preparations have started long time ago. Along with the amazing stadium, in Rio de Janeiro are build extra 147 hotels to welcome the fans and the media from all over the world. But, if you are planning to go now, give up. It so hard to find a room and if you do, it will be crazy expensive, like more than $400 per night.

A Brazilian fan waves the national flagvia

People were booking rooms and flights since last year.It is expected that more than 600.000 fans and football enthusiasts will arrive in Brazil for the World cup from 12 of June to 13 of July. The games will be held in 12 host cities among the country. Along with the tourists and fans from all over the world, the championship will be watched in live by more than 3 million Brazilians. Well, they are the nation of the football!

So, probably you already have booked a room, because everyone are planning in advance, these are the best tips to make sure you stay safe and happy in Brazil.

At first, you must know that there is a big crime rate in this exotic country. So, be extra careful, don’t have lots of cash, expensive phone and technology with you, no jewelry and don’t walk alone. Try to stay in a group and open your eyes widely and be aware of pickpockets in the crowded areas. Don’t use unmarked taxi and leave everything that make you look like a tourist, like that you are potential victim to a criminal.

After you take care for your own safety it is time to have fun and enjoy in the life of football.
In fact Brazilians are very kind and friendly, so you will have a blast. But, they don’t really speak English, so try to learn the basic phrases in their language. The locals will love to know what you think about their country, so be nice and use words such as true heaven, best place I have ever been, magical and amazing.


Brazilian want to make money during the month of the footballs, so all the prices are higher. Some say they are absurd. For example, a caipirinha cocktail, very popular in Brazil costs $10, and if you want to eat you need to pay $17 cheeseburger or the $35 pepperoni pizza. The only items you can find for cheap are local goodies like a cachaca which is Brazilian sugar cane liquor, a pair of Havaianas or sandals and bikini. The local beer, called “shoppy”, is also cheap, served cold but in pretty small cups. So, avoid tourist’s restaurants and bars and shop is local grocery stores.

The worse news for the footballs fans is that all the football shirts are extremely expensive, from $50 up. If you can bring one from home.

Have an emergency plan, because accident happens and you can’t get robbed or just lost. Have a copy of all your document with you and leave the original on a safe place in the hotel. Also, make sure you have traveler’s insurance.

Also, remember these numbers, 190 for the police, 192 for an ambulance, and 193 for calling the firefighters.

Use the maximum of your time in Brazil, because this in a country of beautiful beaches, long and sandy, samba dancers and crazy night life. So, hit the beach every day before the games and try to relax. Make this trip a combination of vacation and cheering for your favorite team.