What Does Your Favorite Destination Tell About You? (Part 1)

We all have some ultimate travel destination, but you will be surprised what your choices speak of you:

LondonYou like out of the ordinary city streets, good beer, words that seem more sophisticated than they really are and you are a fan of the royal family.

London-01via cubebreaker

DubaiYou are all about glamour and luxury, and you don’t find happiness in small things. If you add a tat of cultural differences, Dubai has everything you’ve ever wished for.

Dubai-02via modernmagazin

ItalyYou are a true hedonist who enjoys everything that’ bad for you, starting from wine to the finest cheeses and delicacies. Along the way you might see some of the historical sites and take a walk, as a balance.

Italy-03-via wikipedia by DAVID ILIFF license CC-BY-SA 3.0

SpainYou are not a snob and haute cuisine and expensive wines are not your primary interest. You would rather let go and passionately travel into the unknown.

Valencia Spain-04via citypictures

IrelandYou are a fan of beautiful landscapes and small towns. You don’t mind visiting a few tourist sites, as long as the day ends with a pint of beer.