Fascinating Tahiti Facts

Fascinating Tahiti Facts

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In ancient times, archery was a sacred sport practices only by members of the elite. Bows and arrows were never used in war.

– It is a custom that you wear a tiara (white flower) on your left ear if you are in a relationship, and wear one on your right ear if you are single.

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– Moorea is known as the ‘island of love’ and Bora Bora as the ‘romantic island’.

– Tahitians are very peaceful but shy people. If you introduce yourself and greet them, they can be quite welcoming.

Tahiti is Must Travel Destination

– The famous black pearls can be found only on Tuamotu in French Polynesia.

– The letter ‘B’ does not exist in their language. Bora Bora is actually Pora Pora which means ‘first-born’, but it is heard Bora Bora when pronounced.

– The word ‘tattoo’ originates from Tahiti. The legend says that Tohu, the good of tattooing painted the fishes in various colors.

The average Las Vegas hotel has more rooms than all of the 118 islands in French Polynesia.

On Tahiti you won’t find any poisonous snakes or insects.

The boxes in front of every house that look like mailboxes serve to collect the bread. In Tahiti, bread is delivered twice a day, but people go to the postal office to get their mail.

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